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    How to Make Most of Just 25 Square Meters? Narrow & Small Studio

    What are you supposed to do if you’re a “lucky” owner of an extremely small dwelling, which is shaped as an elongated narrow rectangle to crown it all? The interior we’d like to show you today will convince you that small space is not that…

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    How to Care for Indoor Plants in February

    Winter is not an easy season for almost everyone, and room plants are not an exception. However, this is supposed to be the last cold month, which means that owners of home flora species will attempt the final climb before the season of revival and…

  • 4-1-European-Italian-flea-market-photo-items-sale-antiquities-beauty-items-hand-mirror-hair-brush-powder-bowl-beautiful-glazed-antique

    Guide to European Flea Markets: What & How to Buy?

    Many heard about benefits from buying on European flea markets and those magical treasures that may be discovered there, but a few really know where the best flea markets can be found and how they should be explored. That is why we have decided to…

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    Note Boards: How to Keep Yourself Organized in the New Year

    HomeKlondike really doubts that there is a person who has never had New Year resolutions. Sports, healthy diet, new foreign languages – these are the most popular focuses of our “new” lives that are supposed to start on the 1st of January. But we have…

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    Stylish Mixed-Style Townhouse in Moscow Suburbs

    Scandinavian, English and shabby chic style seem to be totally incompatible within one interior. But the townhouse we’d like to show you today will prove the fact that these styles can and even should be mixed. You just have to do it properly.

  • 1-2-wood-burning-fireplace-in-living-room-interior-design-ideas-metal-iron-steel-finishing-contemporary-style-pyramide-shaped

    Wood Burning Fireplaces: Review of Materials & Best Ideas (P.2)

    Of course, your choice of fireplace materials is not limited to bricks and concrete. Find out more inspiring ideas and tips from Part 2 of our post.

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    Wood Burning Fireplaces: Review of Materials & Best Ideas (P.1)

    As a proud “heir” of primitive fire pits, a fireplace has symbolized well-being and prosperity of homes for centuries. It is an embodiment of coziness, luxury and good taste. And there’s absolutely no need to have a huge cottage in the suburbs to enjoy this…

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    Waterproofing a Garage

    If you own, or are looking to build, a garage there’s every chance it’ll be affected by dampness. Garages are not designed to be very habitable, and focus is more so on weather protection than comfort. However this is challenged during our harsh winters, with…

  • Wood Stove Insert For Fireplace  modern sliding glass doors house interior paint ideas

    Can I Have a Wood Burning Stove in My Garden Office?

    With the rise in working from home and people starting their own businesses the garden office is becoming more and more of a popular choice over a daily commute. With this rise in popularity comes a rise in options in not only the building type…

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    KonMari Magic: How to Keep Your New Kitchen Clutter-Free

    Embarking on a kitchen remodel is an exciting home improvement project, and the perfect time to reassess your kitchen clutter. Work with a great kitchen designer, such as The Brighton Kitchen Company, and you’ll be able to make the most of space and create adequate…

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    Big Round Mirrors in Interior Design: 5 Golden Rules

    A round mirror is a simple, long known and trendy piece of home décor. Super super trendy. But what we’re supposed to do about it is not quite clear. The thing is a mirror is a showy designer trick per se. And when a rare…

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    DIY: Handmade Mini Christmas Tree within 20 Minutes

    The reign of festive mood at our Christmas tables is not just a question of the list of dishes; it is also essential to ensure the table is beautifully decorated. If you’re a lucky owner of a special Christmas dinner set, that’s great! And we…

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    How to Create a Vintage-Style Bathroom? (P.2)

    Read Part 1 If you like total-white interiors, just a few details in vintage style would be enough: a bouquet of fresh flowers, an elegant gray or beige wrought shelf and several towels in pastel shades.

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    How to Create a Vintage-Style Bathroom? (P.1)

    If old things are what makes you tick and you’re a frequent guest on flea markets, you should make sure that your bathroom atmosphere doesn’t run counter to retro mood as well. Actually, there is no problem in creating bathroom interiors in vintage style. And…

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    Why Your Surveyor Should Be Thought of As a Buyer Too

    It may seem odd but when you go to buy a house it is important to not just think of yourself and you and your partner. Although you are spending the money and making the choice of home it is critical to bring your surveyor…

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    How to Organize Make-Up Storage: 15 Best Ideas

    Beauty products can be tidily arranged on a dressing table top or on an open shelf only when a girl is a teenager and it’s her first makeup experience. Over the years her collection of beauty tools multiplies, while extra space hardly appears. Many women…

  • 6-1-mirrored-furniture-in-interior-design-bedroom-nightstand-bedside-table-pink-blanket

    Mirrored Furniture: Useful Tips and 30 Ideas

    Owners of small homes struggle for the expansion of space and steadily work on new solutions that might make their apartments appear bigger and more inviting at least visually. One of the powerful tools in this difficult task is mirrored furniture – one of the…

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    Cheerful Christmas DIY Ideas of Old Light Bulb Recycling

    Christmas is gradually approaching our doorsteps, which means it’s just perfect timing to generate new holiday home decoration ideas and make family evenings more fruitful and creative. Most of the ideas we’ve collected in this post can be implemented with the participation of kids, and…

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    10 Ways to Make Radiators & Their Covers More Attractive

    Radiators are integral elements of most contemporary homes. Until recent times they were deemed dull and unattractive parts of interiors that one should tolerate for practical reasons and try to disguise as much as possible. Nowadays designers have worked out many solutions for this problem:…

  • 13-pinecones-pine-fir-spruce-cones-home-decor-Christmas-decoration-ideas-eco-style-entrance-door-vintage-shabby-paint-blue-wreath-snowflake-shaped

    25 Christmas DIY Ideas with Pine and Fir Cones

    Pine and fir cones are just perfect for everything related to Christmas home decorations. Handmade stuff created from this wonderful natural material brings a note of special charm and hominess to our homes and besides does not cost a penny! If you do not doubt…

  • 5-narrow-hallway-decoration-decor-interior-design-light-walls-light-floor-parquet-creative-fanciful-chandeliers-shadow-light

    How to Decorate a Narrow Hallway: 9 Ideas

    Loving imperfections of one’s neighbor is the highest form of wisdom. We on HomeKlondike believe that the same is true about interior failures. Sometimes these very drawbacks can be turned into strong points. For instance, a tiny kitchen would inspire you to arrange a full-fledged…

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    5 Trivial Domestic Things That Can Upgrade Storage in Your Closet

    Clothes, shoes, accessories… All these things should fit into your closet in a neat way to make storage well-organized and user-friendly. Many brands offer special tools for optimizing closets, but we’d like to offer you 5 trivial things that can be found in any home…

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    13 Kitchen Utensils That Are NOT Dishwasher Safe

    Do you like washing dishes? Most likely, your answer to this question will depend on whether you have a dishwasher or not. But it takes more than just being a happy owner of this aggregate – the two key things about it is to extend…

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    6 Ideas of Using Plywood in Interior Design

    Plywood is one of trendiest materials in the world of interior design. Until very recently it has been deemed suitable exclusively in refurbishment work, but its high practical and aesthetical features have made it a popular finishing material among leading designers. And it’s not surprising:…