Innovative Shower Ideas

July 1, 2013
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The very first shower experienced by the mankind was … a waterfall. Then came the less exotic rule of tubs and basins which was finally scotched by the invention of plumbing and a prototype of what we now call a shower. And despite the seeming conservatism reigning over showering technologies since then, this sphere experiences infinite bursts of activity among various kinds of inventive souls. So what are showering innovations meant for?

Innovations are problem solvers
Any issue related to the showering is easily solvable today. Suffer a limited supply of hot water and don’t want a boiler? The answer is electric shower, which heats cold water on a kettle principle as soon as you turn it on. Or you’re in the shower, someone else turns on a faucet or simply flushes the toilet and you get a burn – sounds familiar? Innovations have intelligent digital mixers in store for you. And even your personal showering preferences in point of temperature, flow and direction can be stored in your user’s profile.

Innovations inspire
Having studied the effect of showering on creativity, researchers found out a magic combination: taking a shower gives us an increased flow of dopamine, which can easily solve a problem that we thought about long and hard all day. By the way, the chances of having great ideas in the shower are a lot higher when water flows with greater than normal force. Such kind of effect is better produced in systems with special internal pumps, which boost more water through the pipes, like in new power showers by Mira Showers. Equipped with a thermostat to reach the desired temperature and extremely user-friendly, they make showering a most safe and inspiring activity.

Innovations save the planet
Eco-friendly showering technologies already took a big step forward from using smaller holes in showerheads to aerating the outcoming water with no detriment to the feeling of water plentitude and its cleaning ability.

Innovations are healing
It’s amazing what is available today in the industry to deliver a perfect showering experience: double, multimode, power showerheads… And even a horizontal shower for those who are open for brand-new things. Not only does it relax, but also helps in tackling the problems of blood circulation and skin elasticity. It’s no secret that for many professional sportsmen this is the main remedy for traumas.

Innovations are flexible
With the growing demands of modern shower users, technologies are constantly enhanced to provide safer and easier performance. For example, Mira Showers have all the answers well prepared: separate temperature and flow controls to simply set your showering preferences, ergonomic extended control levers for easy grip and a slide bar for increased comfort of every member of the family.

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