Interesting Mixture of Spanish, Scandinavian and Oriental Styles on the Border of Post-Soviet Background

July 1, 2013
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The Hosts:
Taras, the leader of “Compass” youth organization
Lyudmila, a managing director

Number of rooms: 3
Metric area: 96 m²
Ceiling height: 2.7 m

The family moved in their own apartment on Bazhan Avenue a few years ago with a wish to create a comfortable and functional interior, which would express their passion for travel. Accordingly, the future interior décor was given into the hands of a professional designer Irina Pilipenko.

All the rooms are decorated in different styles and reflect the atmosphere of the hosts’ favorite places of the world. The bedroom and the bathroom are minimalist in Scandinavian manner, the kitchen reminds of Spain, while the daughter’s room is touched with oriental shades. The hallway is designed as a street leading to the different corners of the world. The homely atmosphere is accentuated with the help of the furniture, which used to belong to the forefathers, and artificially aged flooring.

Some of the furniture items were custom-designed, and you won’t find a single hitty-missy among the interior details: each element bears the memories of travels, red-letter days and close people.

The lounge is a piece of Spain. Light pastel colors are refreshed with a bright IKEA sofa. A wooden wall cabinet was custom-made. The floor is covered with a bull’s skin brought from the Carpathians. The chief accent of the room is a grand dining table.

The antique table belonged to Taras’s great-grandfather, a priest.

The wall is adorned with a Kiev map of 1871.

The space between the kitchen and the lounge is separated with a custom-designed folding door. Matches to it are wooden storm windows.

Pictures were bought from a peddler in Lvov, and a painted plate is a gift of a small Spanish town mayor. The chest of drawers exhibits charging devices for Taras’s portable radio sets, which he uses in expeditions.

For the sake of propping up the Spanish spirit in the kitchen, it was faced with Spanish tiling.

Soft pillows for the kitchen sofa are hand-made. The shelves are beautified with tableware from all over the world – Austria, Denmark, India. The chandelier hanging over the table is made by “Tiffany Style”, the rest of the lamps come from IKEA.

A Georgian-moneybox is a gift of Lyudmila’s students.

In order to imitate a road in the corridor it was supplemented with a bench and German posters. Lamps reminding of street lights were bought in “Epicenter”. Green doors were custom-made.

The wheel is an emigrant alien from a farm yard in Belarus.

The bedroom was supplemented with a bathroom exit and decorated with corals and shells brought by Taras’s uncle from a Caribbean expedition.

The bed along with the bedside tables used to belong to an employer of the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees.

The back part of the room was given to a small walk-in closet.

Suspended lamps by IKEA.

The bedroom also features a bicycle which took part in the “Retro-Cruise”.

One of the couple’s daughters is a travel agent for Eastern countries, so there was no problem in choosing the interior style for her room.

The idea of an illuminated bed belonged to the hostess.

One of the accents of the room is a Cate Blanchett’s portrait.

A bedspread, pillows and vases arrived from travels to Turkey, Africa, Sri-Lanka and India.

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