Super-Functional Apartment on 3 Levels: Kingsize Bed on the Top Level, Compact Kitchenette and Playroom in the Middle and Underground Walk-in Closet in Ex-Laundry

July 2, 2013
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The Hosts:
Yuri, a movie director
Eugenia, an architect
Peter, their son

Number of rooms: 3
Metric area: 80 m²
Ceiling height: 3.8 m

In June of 2010 Yuri, Eugenia and their son Peter started to live in an apartment on Kamennoostrovskoy Avenue of St. Petersburg. The man of the house has always dreamed of living in this very building because of its unusual history. Built in 1956 to the order of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, it was meant for the professorial stuff and had an isolated laundry entrance on the first floor, where all the tenants washed their clothes. With the failure of new communist household ideas, the utility rooms were gradually made living – and that’s when this apartment emerged in place of the laundry. True, the layout left much to be desired: numerous tiny rooms, a tight bathroom and a small kitchen.

Thus, right after the move Yuri and Eugenia set their teeth for grand layout changes, the result of which is a spacious multilevel studio apartment. Most of the interior design issues were taken over by Eugenia, though she frequently consulted the two men. The renovation process, which was entrusted to a gang of professionals, lasted about a year. Within this time the big room, which serves as both a kitchen and a lounge, was supplemented with a second level for the hosts’ bedroom. The kid’s room was separated from the public zone with light-colored curtains, and a small recess downstairs was turned into a walk-in closet.

Yuri’s portrait was painted by a designer and a close family friend, Sergey Bondarev.

Bar by Grang.

The upper ladder and the stairs were designed from Eugenia’s sketches. The kitchen was arranged in minimalist manner so that it fit well into the living space.

A right-angled dining table is bifunctional: it serves both for important dinners and business meetings.

Niches under the stairs serve as a bookstand.

80 % of the second level are occupied by a king-size bed.

Chandelier by Italian brand Floss, model of 1954.

The entrance door is concealed under the stairs. Its neighbor is a refrigerator, which thereby doesn’t jam the living space.

The kid’s room is separated from the lounge and cooking zones by means of dense curtains.

An abstract triptych was drawn by the owners’ friend, Julia Markelova, an artist from Yekaterinburg.

The stairs from the playroom lead to the ex-laundry, which is now a walk-in closet.

Thanks to a roomy walk-in closet the apartment does without any wardrobes.

Wooden lattice protects the stairs from all sides to ensure the child’s safety.

The hosts are fond of 3D-mapping. Used as a screen is a common white brick wall.

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