Methods the apartment design with natural wood

July 4, 2013
Posted in Furniture

Everyone knows that the wood turns the most beautiful furniture and home furnishings. Furniture beautiful natural material and the more eco-friendly home. On the other hand it is difficult to untreated wood furniture, but these, too, have this confirmed in the photographs.

Stumps, driftwood, dry branches and pieces of the tree, and when used in moderation will be very beautiful and unusual. To the best of aging wood used in combination with modern design will look great.

In addition to interior design and decoration of walls you can see the original wall of wine corks, a beautiful and warm bar. The main thing is not to forget for a beautiful light that will create a special atmosphere, properly directed to wood furniture or furnishings.

Mirror in the bathroom can also be adjusted using a snag, the main mirror to find or order the desired shape and then it will just hang on the wall. The coffee table can also be done by just find a nice snag or stump and put on top of a round glass substrate.

The easiest thing to do from a tree, a beautiful shelf in the form of driftwood, where you can find on any sea shore and make it so that you need.

Natural motifs of nature will always be fashionable and be popular even in modern homes. The forms created by nature the most correct and concise.

Untreated wood blends well with other materials such as glass top, or a metal table legs and chairs, a beautiful aluminum shell combined with wood.

Fur and natural wood blend well with each other, can be used as a cloak on the bench or carpet near the bench, a feeling of distant years. Rough wood blends well with the warm colors of fur.

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