Contemporary-Style Apartment in Monochrome Color Range Accentuated with Curtains, Pot Plants and Pleasant non-Banal Blue Bathroom

July 6, 2013
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The Hosts:
Cyril, a financier
Xenia, a professional sportsman (water skiing)

Number of rooms: 2
Metric area: 54 m²
Ceiling height: 2.75 m

A two-room apartment on of the busiest streets of Moscow came to Cyril through his grandma along with the awkward soviet layout, old parquetry and odd details like wall bars. Now wonder the hosts were initially in the mood for grand changes.

It was actually Xenia who triggered the renovation. In the company of her school friend and a professional architect Catherine Titova, she worked out the layout and interior design. A big plus of standard soviet planning was the absence of load-bearing walls – so they were easily torn down and built up again. True, the girls had to be perfectly accurate: due to small metric area and multiple hindrances, such as electric service panels and pipes which cannot be shifted, they had to calculate the area up to a single centimeter.

A glass closet by Elfa adds to visual expansion of the space.

A golden-framed pastel came to Xenia through her Grandma.

On the architect’s motion the double-wing sliding doors had to be 100% glass, but this idea wouldn’t survive for practicality and safety reasons. Glossy doors by DecoPorte were found on a common building materials market. Placing the bookshelves was a big question since they were not stipulated by the layout project, but the hosts devised a way of building them into one of the walls.

The wall color was selected by means of computer mixing system, but in the reality the tint turned out a bit lighter, than it had been expected.

A silver bulldog is a gift of Xenia’s parents.

Considering that the hosts are fond of inviting guests, sometimes up to 15-20 persons at a time, the kitchen was united with the lounge. For these very reasons a sofa by “Kostromamebel” was chosen: it can seat many guests, and the back is also actively used.

Table and chairs by IKEA.

A giraffe triptych by Danish artist was bought on a modern art exhibition. A watch comes from Massimo Dutti shop window, where Xenia used to work as a manager. A TV-stand was custom-made of planks used for making stairs.

Choosing the right curtains for the lounge was no easy task for Xenia, until she saw a combination of gray furniture and brown curtains in a restaurant. She found the same ones, made of silk and flax, on a market. The plant is a parents’ gift.

Being a professional skier, Xenia frequently travels around the world for competitions and team practice sessions. A deer head arrived from her trip to Paris.

Since the crossed pipes on the wall couldn’t be shifted, the architect arranged a light accent – a glowing mosquito by a Danish designer.

Cyril wanted a square and plane tiling for the kitchen, Xenia – rectangular and bulging. A compromise option was found in “Crocus”.

A wine cabinet belongs to Cyril, a great oenophile.

While planning the layout, the girls had to devote special attention to the bathroom: there is a chest for embedded appliances built into the wall from the kitchen side and a fixed electric service panel on the other side. Hence the sink pedestal is custom-made, while the shower cabin was accidentally found in a shop – one more centimeter and it wouldn’t fit in.

A zest of the bedroom interior décor is a chandelier, which was made of bronze by Cyril’s grandfather back in 1950s. Thanks to Xenia it was scrubbed, restored and supplemented with new Leform lampshades.

One more inhabitant – Chihuahua Gennady.

Iron standard lamp by Massimo Dutti. Lamps standing on the bedside tables arrived from Paris.

A bust and candles were also bought in the city of love.

IKEA closet.

An old chair spoiled by the workers during the renovation works revived after Xenia decorated it using decoupage techniques, the paper for which was purchased in France.

Wallpaper with Scotch pattern by Odesign is one of the favorite details in the apartment.

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