Classic-Style Two-Room Apartment with Provence Inclusions Decorated with Natural Wood and Stone, Featuring Custom-Made Furniture, Mirrors and Textile, and 35 Lamps Altogether

July 9, 2013
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The Hosts:
Vadim, an HR-director
Yuri, a commercial director

Number of rooms: 2
Metric area: 56 m²
Ceiling height: 3.2 m

Vadim and Yuri bought an apartment in a house of 1917 three years ago with the will to live in the heart of Moscow and create the interior of their dreams. Going slow they spent 6 months on developing the architectural project and finally made up their mind to arrange a kitchenette and a bathroom unit including the toilette. Thanks to these solutions the hosts managed to preserve the authenticity and the spirit of the flat, while the well-thought zoning added to visual expansion of the space within a tight metric area.

The move-in happened just at the beginning of this year, although most of the finishing works were complete within the first year after the purchase. The rest of the time was wasted on waiting for custom-designed wooden items of the décor, closets and doors, which were made from the architect’s sketches.

There was no dispute over the key concept of the future space: classic style with the shades of Provence fully met the hosts’ plans to live here long, happily and comfortably. The highest requirements were imposed towards decoration materials. The option suggested by Oxana Sosnovskaya, the architect, found special favor in the eyes of the guys because of its academic approach and perfectionism. Besides, Oxana proved to be good in the role of a foreman, since she took over the control of the working gang and resolved versatile technical issues.

All wooden elements in the décor, as well as doors and closets, were custom-made from the architect’s sketches, and every single detail, such as plinths and fringing, was made separately at that, with the following application of a few layers of paint. A sofa in the corridor — Selva.

Fancy wallpaper was ordered from the US brand Thibaut. The watch emigrated from the ex-lodging and perfectly fit into the new interior.

All chandeliers and lamps in the apartment, 35 units altogether, were bought at a heat in “Tri Kita” (“Three Whales”). Polyurethane moulds for stucco work – «Empire-Décor».

One more inhabitant — English bulldog Mica.

All the mirrors are made at “Moscow Mirror Factory” from the architect’s sketches — the trick of using mirror mosaic with facets helps in visual expansion of the narrow corridors.

The space is visually enlarged by means of different textures and colors. The cooking zone is finished with decorative Italian plaster by “De Marko”. The hosts had many doubts in point of color combinations, but when all the wooden elements were ready the overall picture proved to be perfect, just as the architect had promised.

The owners were trying to use as many natural decoration materials as possible. The parquetry is made of jatobá wood, which turns red with time, while the kitchen table top and the wall piece over the stove are made of natural granite and laid by Yuri himself.

A red Nespresso coffee machine was bought right before the moving-in, but wouldn’t blend with the interior. Yuri tackled this problem with the help of mosaic, plaster, a fork and a marker.

Decorative and functional containers were found in “Vozduch Provansa” (“Provence Air”) shop.

Numerous lamps were fixed by the hosts themselves due to a protracted pre-Christmas corporate party declared by the electricians. The sound system is embedded in the ceiling, which is space-saving and makes it possible to listen to the music in the shower.

Sofa and padded stool — Home Spirit. On the Web-site the blue sofa looked a bit different, so the owners had to sew covers of Mexican textile with “cucumber” pattern. In the end it suited them all right: the light-colored upholstery adds to visual expansion of the space, while the pattern set the tone for the future interior décor. The fabric was bought in “Teatr Tkaney” (“Theatre of Textile”) shop.

A round window in the wall between the corridor and the living room is one more godsend, which gives unity of the spaces on the one hand, and expands the lounge zone visually on the other hand.

Fabric with pheasants for the curtains matching the sofa and pouffe upholstery, was ordered in “5 Avenue” shop. Clips of 1930 were found and sent by friends from Luxemburg.

A “Fatherhood” sculpture by French manufactory Lladro is a friends’ housewarming gift.

For the guys their balcony is a piece of Nice, where they receive guests and drink wine by candlelight. Having adorned this spot with household plants, last year the hosts even made an attempt to lay out a garden in front of the house. But very soon their fern, juniper and lilac were dug out by someone. The flooring tile was purchased in a shop of Artplay.

Bedroom wallpaper comes from Thibaut American series. The head of the bed is made of common picture framing fillet, the idea of which belonged to the architect.

Bedside tables by Selva. Lamps were found in Comics Bazar antique shop in Rome.

A cat figurine arrived from Vladivostok.

Wallpaper on a cloth foundation comes from Thibaut French series. Built-in to the left are utility and clothes closets, which do not jam the living space.

A forged bookstand, as well as the balcony furniture, was ordered in Moscow suburbs. Utilized in bathroom décor is Italian marble.

Mirrors are embedded on the same principle as in the hallway. True, the facets caused a lot of trouble, since the manufacturer couldn’t repeat the sketch.

Lladro angel is Vadim’s gift.

A panel of granite, malachite and lazurite is custom-made.

An escritoire in the corridor sometimes serves as a working place.

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