Empire style in the interior

July 11, 2013
Posted in Decor

Empire (from the French. Empire – Empire) – is a new classic style of architecture and art in the first half of the XIX century. At the heart of this style laid great work, welcome ancient monuments and luxurious interior. The interior is luxurious and elegant Empire style, and looks great.

The empire – style interior makes the plunge into the interior completely and feel all its integrity. To that end, draped and decorated windows, doors, furniture, the color of the wallpaper, and the room becomes a whole other home furnishings. Empire style – this is a solemn and imperial style.

In the Empire style antique furniture is used, is popular: the various pillars of stone, different consoles, stunning wooden eaves.
Encouraged images of the Sphinx, and used an artificial lion lamp to create a special atmosphere in the room. Supports tables and chairs, namely legs are most often not the standard – lion’s paws, or use different types of animals.

Furniture in the form selected rectangular solid, and has a closed shape, often convex forms, and occasionally with protrusions. As a rule all the furniture in the interior rigid, namely seats, sofas and chairs. Furniture should be chosen lush and interesting, is to choose the chairs in the style of the lyre, they are most often used in the Empire style.
Empire style is the most difficult in the interior so it is worth to think over every detail, and it is better to entrust the work of an experienced designer who can create the right atmosphere. The main features of the Empire – the rigor and solemnity of a small cold.

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