The interior a luxury villa in Qatar

July 11, 2013
Posted in Apartments

Beautiful, rich and fascinating villa, designed by the great architect Muhammad Tahir. This beautiful home is located in Qatar, everyone knows that this is one of the poorest Arab countries. This house is considered the most refined and rich among other ohm Qatar.

Stunning spiral staircase, high domed ceiling impresses with its beauty and richness. Throughout the house you can see the golden touches on all subjects, from furniture to paintings. The interior of good and proper lighting, which penetrates to all corners of luxurious villas, the light passes from the massive chandeliers, stained glass domed ceiling, as well as from the large stained-glass windows, which look gorgeous.

Living room in a mixed style, about this indicates a simple club chair made ​​of leather and suede, modern bar stools white with a breakfast bar.

The main part of the dining room has a large table and chairs for twelve luxurious guest, upholstery for chairs is made from natural velvet.

The high ceiling and a huge dome in the form of a stained glass lighting with milk from the top of a huge set and a massive but elegant chandelier.

A staircase white in the rounded form, which is very neatly skirts the wall and was attached smoothly.

A large living room to take a looks amazing and luxurious. Warmly decorated in warm colors, comfortable furniture and a beautiful happy with their beauty.

Sumptuous wood made ​​from the most exotic materials, the most expensive and the best European fabrics. In the villa a large number of beautiful objects: paintings, wall friezes, beautiful carvings.

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