Apartment with Old Soviet Layput and Spirit Featuring a Wall Copy of Matisse’s “la Danse”, a Lilac Bedroom with Baldachin Bed and a Deep Blue Kitchen

July 16, 2013
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The Hostess:
Violet, a journalist

Number of rooms: 2
Metric area: 42 m²
Ceiling height: 2.5 m
Floor number: 4

Violet moved in a two-room apartment near Square of Courage (northeast of St. Petersburg), which came to her through her Grandma, 1.5 years ago, planning to live here for just a couple of years. She wouldn’t change the inconvenient layout, but after her first summer spent next to pine forest and a picturesque pond the girl easily betrayed her wish to move downtown.

The renovation was made under the guidance of Violet’s parents. Within a month she not only got to know wallpapering and sofa assembly procedures, but also learned slang names of different bolts and hardware. The interior décor was thought over by the hostess, who initially decided to use as many multicolored combinations as possible. For each room selected was a predominant color: lilac for the bedroom, blue and green for the lounge and a large Matisse copy on one of the walls, which was painted by the girl herself.

With the help of wall color the living room was visually divided into a public and a working zone. A remote room with a closet admitted just a sleeping place. A baldachin bed is a fruit of a few-week search: it was found on a Web-site, which sells furniture imported from Malaysia. Some of the furniture items came to Violet through her Grandma: a chiffonier from GDR with a reproduction of “La Danse” and a receiver with a vinyl record player adorning the balcony.

A hand-painted china vase of early 1950s came through Grandma as well.

The “La Danse” picture by Matisse, which is kept in “Hermitage”, is one of the most favorite masterpieces of the hostess. Her fondness found expression on one of the walls.

A hand-made bedspread was cut down on a market in Istanbul.

The only white corner left in the lodging was allotted for a working zone.

Grandma’s cabinet is utilized functionally – for storing tableware – and for decorative purposes: its doors are beautified with a comic version of Matisse’s “La Danse”.

Violet frequently works from home, so the arm-chair was selected with most responsibility. After trying 50 different models, the owner finally picked up a white one, which was categorized in the catalogue as a “Boss’s Chair”.

A cow was bought in a charity shop “Spasibo” (“Thank You”).

A St. Petersburg sphinx Aureliano José appeared here 6 months ago.

The tight room admitted only sleeping spots for the hostess and her cat.

Grandma’s picture with girls hanging on the wall was kept by Violet after she got a sight of the same one in a movie based on the novel by Günter Grass “The Tin Drum”.

Hand-made ear-rings are kept on an ex-honeycomb.

A bed with baldachins from Malaysia was ordered from the Internet after a long and fruitless search.

All the chandeliers belonged to Grandma.

The bed fringes are beautified with flowerpots, which traditionally serve for decorating open balconies and terraces.

The picture is a gift of Igor Bessmertny, a professional artist, who depicted a giant African land snail, which used to live with Violet.

On off-season time Mom’s pots for pickles and jam are used for storing photos of relatives and friends.

The tiling was bought on a fair in Lisbon. In Portugal it is called azulejo.

The balcony features a rocking chair and a radio-receiver, which can be used for playing vinyl records.

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