Violence of paints in the interior of the villa Casa Dos Chicos

July 16, 2013
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A CASA Dos Chicos house that is owned by one designer who gives it all year round. The house is located on a hill in a beautiful tropical town of Sayulita, with stunning views of the coast of Mexico.
A lovely villa with a lovely garden, the house has 4 spacious bedrooms with large soft mattresses, shower, safe, and all the amenities that are needed in today’s world.

Big summer terrace with a canopy made ​​of natural hay, looks great. Airy hammocks resemble magic clouds, where you can relax.

The bedroom is large and spacious wall more beautiful in white color, which dilutes the bright yellow mattress is large and comfortable. Each bedroom has a large window, which is a year and access to the loggia.

The second bedroom colors more sustained, mattress navy, and comfortable wardrobes, will keep things in order.

The small hall has a built-in sofa on the wall near the small windows that let in lots of light. A coffee table made ​​of solid wood, the chair is also in harmony with the table, use bright fabrics that create a special mood.

The interior is a lot of bright and violent colors especially vivid color fuchsia, yellow, green. The color blue waves, a large number of fresh flowers and simple candles that create comfort for the entire villa.

The garden has lots of flowers and live plants with bright colors, there is a comfortable sofa made ​​of stone, which put pillows and a comfortable mattress.

Two-storey villa has two floors, and painted a dark peach that has confidence and relaxes removing depression and bad moods.

The bathroom is divided by a small wall and hidden behind a natural wooden door, the walls are painted in a calmer tone color bed.

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