Apartment of a Hippie: a Study Under a Bunk Bed, Chest and Door Serving as Tables, a Hand-Made Closet of Old Woodboards, Black Ceiling Beams and Bathroom Tiling Painted by a World Famous Artist

July 17, 2013
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The Host:
Rishat Gilmetdinov, a movie director

Number of rooms: 1
Metric area: 52 m²
Ceiling height: 3.3 m
Floor number: 5

A one-room apartment, which used to be two-room and belonged to a problem family, was bought by Rishat three years ago. The inconvenient layout was changed in a cardinal way: demolished were all the walls and partitions. Thanks to the presence of 4 windows on one wall, altered layout also ensured maximum lightness of the space. Being a professional interior designer by training, the owner has planned and managed the entire renovation process, and made many useful things with his hands as well.

The refurbishment took two years, since the host only came here in his spare time while living in a wooden house of a neo-hippie commune located in the historical part of St. Petersburg. Considering that the lodging frequently serves as a studio, it was equipped with an extremely well-thought lighting system. A white brick wall serves as a background for a home photo studio.

Almost every interior detail has a history. For example, bathroom tiling was removed from the late grandfather’s house. That’s a true family heirloom, which was many years ago painted by Rishat’s uncle – a famous Soviet-Finnish artist Rafael Saifulin. A wall separating the shower from the studio is made of glass. Hidden behind it is a small walk-in closet and shelves, which were arranged by Rishat of old wood boards within a weekend.

The ceiling was lifted by 15-20 cm by means of removing the layer of old plaster. The beams needed bridging, and after the repairs were over it became clear that they can be a great interior detail; so they were never planked again.

An antique chest, which emigrated from a hippies’ house, is bifunctional: it’s used for storing photo equipment and serves as a table when friends come.

A bunk bed came from IKEA. Arranged under it is a tiny study, which is separated from the public zone with dense white curtains and an angled sofa.

Lamps with deer came here by accident from “Maxidom” shop. Don’t let the crookedness of the flooring and ceiling discourage you – this was done on purpose, in order to imitate the shooting lodge interior.

These are a small closet and a bookstand, hand-made by the host of old wood boards within a few evenings.

Provided for doing sports are a horizontal bar and brutal dumbbells.

A snow-white door serving as a table top was found in a garbage can. It even became the bone of contention with a local poet, who also had an eye on it. During the home parties the door becomes a bar.

The wall between the studio and the lounge is glass. This reminds of childhood: as soon as you get in the bathroom it feels like you ensconced yourself in a closet.

Rishat is a happy owner of garret keys, and when the weather is fine he can enjoy three embankments at a time, the Peter and Paul Fortress and a mosque top.

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