Elegant French furniture

July 17, 2013
Posted in Decor

When have a desire making the interior design of the apartment in the French style, so you will not only taste good, but also the desire to surround themselves with fashionable, elegant, comfortable, and cozy interior design. The French style consists of a large presence of color contrast between the calm, such as upholstered furniture upholstery, curtains, carpet on the floor of a lush pile. In the colors have to participate and lighting, which plays an important role in the interior.

A beautiful and luxurious classical furniture in a French style can be compared to a high art: artistic imagination of French master furniture makers has historically created a distinctive, wonderful decorations, which is characterized by a factor of modern furniture.

The French chic furniture is covered with hand-carved. The interior surfaces of the furniture are mostly used technique: aging of the wood. It is decorated with a beautiful patina that mimics the surface of the furniture patina of antiquity, gold and metal plates. Often found use in the decoration of furniture with gold and silver foil. Natural stones – polished to a marble, polished sandstone or travertine can perfectly decorate not only the floor space, but also pieces of furniture.

In the French style furniture used wood with a slight effect of antiquity, adorned with forged metal components. An excellent option for creating a French-style antique furniture will be. Pieces of furniture of this style run in gold, silver, bronze, black and white colors and are complemented by glass, mirrors, porcelain, textiles. Ideal complete French interior items from Murano glass, paintings in the rich part, crystal, lots of little pillows.

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