Spacious apartment in Kiev from ID4U Studio

July 17, 2013
Posted in Apartments


The design of this apartment set in the modern style it implements the most advanced and interesting ideas, the apartment is spacious and comfortable accommodation. The apartment is spacious, there are no extra parts that sometimes litter the apartment and make it out of a landfill. The main thing to think the correct zoning of the living room and kitchen, as well as for creating a wall of glass blocks used between the living room and study. Due to such a wall can be distinguished work area but without losing much space. In a convenient partition are shelves for books and accessories, very comfortable.

Designers used the bright and bold colors, the furniture used in a different style, they combined both classic and modern furnishings. Using a variety of colors, you can align the wall or to change or hide irregular shapes in the interior. A well used, and hidden spaces and cabinets for domestic missions. Bright and colorful chairs have plainness of shape, sofas create a fun atmosphere, and classic furniture – soothing. Unusually, the sofa is not the charge of the wall, and moved away from it that allows you to comfortably accommodate and communicate with someone. Pros use bright interior textiles and bright colors, lots of greenery and color of natural wood. The interior creates a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

Visually increase the space mirrors that is hung on a flat in almost every room. Ottoman located in front of the mirror, which will be convenient to land, and bring the beauty of the apartment owner.
Summer terrace deserves special attention, she took the most enormous part due to the fact that the apartment is located on the top floor you can relax a little over the whole city and the surrounding beauty of this world. The feeling of comfort and coziness creates furniture and wicker chairs with bright throw pillows, and live plants.

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