Chests of drawers and cabinets in the interior

July 18, 2013
Posted in Furniture

Chest of drawers in French means “easy.” This characteristic is the basis for this piece of furniture. However, to choose a chest of drawers in the interior was good on all sides, about its purpose, size and location of the apartment should be considered in advance.

Chest of drawers in the bedroom will come in handy. It can be put bedding and underwear, personal belongings, many little things, gathering in any room, including in the bedroom. Because the chest is the countertop above it can be set to turn the mirror and when necessary and appropriate to its height in the likeness of a dressing table. At the very countertop can be put candlesticks with candles, and then create a romantic atmosphere will become very easy.

Chest of drawers in the living room and take its place. It can be positioned at the inlet and garnish top mirror. Countertop in this case can be turned into a mini-office (store keys, phone, notebook, pens, etc.). Or stand in a simple style decoration, decorating the top mirror, candelabra, or photographs. In this case, the chest will remotely resemble the mantelpiece.

Chest of drawers will fit well into the interior of the dining room, with a living room or kitchen. Matched the style of the rest of the furniture, it will help to delineate the space (chest is usually put in the dining room). His boxes can be expanded all the necessary cutlery, tablecloths and towels, napkins for different occasions, decorations for the table.

Chest of drawers in the kitchen as a separate piece of furniture is placed not often. The modern version – Built-dresser as part of a modular kitchen. This furniture is typical of the style of hi-tech. Often used cutting-edge solutions, for example, the system openers by clicking on a specific area. In these built-dressers may not handle, but it can be a light, transparent walls, etc.

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