Personalised kitchen design: How can a kitchen change your life for the better?

July 22, 2013
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White gloss modern kitchen

Choosing a new kitchen is an exciting time and with a wealth of color, style and endless kitchen gadgets to choose from, who wouldn’t enjoy it?

Many people dream of buying a new kitchen; it might be you despair of a tired and worn kitchen and long for something more stylish and modern, or your existing kitchen is dark and dreary and you crave a brighter, cheerier space! However, aesthetics aside, there are other factors for consideration in order to realize your ideal kitchen and one such is your personal needs, lifestyle and habits. When meeting with a designer you should be sure to share these in order that your designer can gain an understanding of you are as an individual and reflect this in a kitchen design that is perfectly suited to you!

What follows is a summary of common personal choices or circumstances that often, and should, influence a personalized kitchen design:

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Small Kitchen Designs
It may be that kitchen space is restricted but any designer worth their salt should be able to design a suitable kitchen layout and style along with an abundance of kitchen storage solutions to help maximize on any small kitchen space. This might include a le mans corner unit to utilize otherwise dead corner space, or compact appliances, pop-up sockets and fold-out tables for additional work-surface area.

How old are you?
They say 60 is the new 40, and whilst they may very true, if you fall into this former age group then realistically you should consider this within your new kitchen design and deliberately plan for a kitchen that will see you comfortably into your later years when you sadly might be less physically able than now. However, good planning will make life easier at any age so even without common age-related complaints such as back problems or arthritis then solutions such as raised dishwashers, ovens and eye-level microwaves that stop you bending, are a brilliant idea! Other such innovations include pan drawers, corner solutions and low wall units, all of which ensure their content is both highly visible and easily accessible.

Gray Island kitchen - low level microwave
Kitchens for the physically impaired
Similar to aging, living with any kind of physical impairment may be challenging at the best of times but certainly within a new kitchen design there is plenty that can be implemented in order to make life easier. As mentioned previously, back complaints can be assisted with raised appliances; wide passageways and low sink areas with space below will accommodate wheelchair users, as well as low level wall units, appliances and pop-up tables. Furthermore, unlike standard taps, pull out spray taps are easier to turn on, use and mean not having to lean over whilst doing the washing up.

Kitchen island and breakfast bar white gloss acrylic
Kitchens and children
Child safety is at the forefront of any parents mind and quite rightly this should extends to the planning and decision making of a new kitchen. Statistics show that the kitchen is the place where most household accidents occur but the good news is there are lots of preventative measures; these include induction hobs which don’t get hot, child safety devices on hot taps and with flow rate options to avoid boiling water splashes, and safety catches on drawers and cupboards. Aside from safety you may also want a design that brings your family together ensuring the kitchen becomes the heart of your home; kitchen islands and breakfast bars work brilliantly for this as they are the perfect height to sit a high chair at, or as children get older ideal not just for cooking space, but also talking at and helping with homework.

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Kitchens and Pets
As a nation of animal lovers pets are often considered part of the family and as such they deservedly require attention within any new kitchen design; it may be you want to store your pet’s food separately from your own and so factor this into your design, under-counter housing for bedding can be built, or retractable spray taps are extremely practical if your kitchen sink is also the site for your dog or cats bath!

Kitchens and religious beliefs
Religion is as personal as it gets and different faiths hold different beliefs but which are often (in their own ways) reflected in important customs relating to food and what to eat as well as how to store and cook it. For example a Jewish kitchen, or Kosher kitchen, cannot mix milk with meats, therefore any new kitchen appropriately designed should include x 2 dishwashers, x 2 sinks, and x 2 separate facilities for storage of each, along with separate cutlery and plates.

Without sharing such religious beliefs or any other personal choices, lifestyle, habits and needs that are important to you then your designer will not know to factor these into your new kitchen design, when the actuality is that they should have an impact! Talking to your designer to express your individuality is the best way for you to get the most from your new kitchen, personalizing it to suit your unique needs and resulting in a fantastic kitchen design that not only looks great but the practicality and functionality of which will change your life for the better!

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