Family Apartment in Moderately Classic Style with Glass Used Instead of Kitchen Tiling, Marble Plinths and Nonconforming Oak Flooring

July 23, 2013
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The Hosts:
Constantine and Irena, interior designers
John, their son

Number of rooms: 3
Metric area: 106 m²
Ceiling height: 3.12 m
Floor number: 22

The family moved in a newly-built living estate “Dom v Sokolnikach” guided by a principle of Guy de Maupassant, who would have lunch in a café of the Eiffel Tower, which he actually hated, merely not to see it. The lodging had just a few load-bearing elements, which to a large extent determined the future layout solutions. However, this presented no difficulties to the hosts, experienced interior designers and owners of a private architectural bureau.

Preferring classic style to any other, the hosts were working out the interior design with a wish to adapt their ideas and compromise solutions to the urban exterior and look of the multistorey. As for the functionality, this issue was predetermined from the very beginning: two isolated and spaced-apart bedrooms – for the parents and for the kid – and a public space. Load-carrying structures were extended by one-third in order to get full-fledged walls partitioning the lounge from the two bedrooms.

11-classic style apartment

At first the owners planned to arrange the space in light color range, but after picking up a pleasant and complicated shade of gray for their clients decided to test it in their own flat. Besides classics, the hosts are fond of Provence style and a slightly worn look in general, but they believe that this concept would look too awkward in a modern multistorey. Except for the table, which came to the hosts through Grandpa, there is no antique furniture here. By the way, the table is 150 years old and looks great for its age, though its restoration is planned for the near future.


The kitchen was neutralized by means of using the wall-matching color. Used instead of traditional kitchen tiling and mosaic is common glass. The designers’ experience has shown that glass has 3 great advantages: it perfectly blends with the interior, can be put on any base and is extremely user-friendly.


Customary wooden plinths were replaced with marble ones. In order to distract attention from multiple and randomly spaced doors, the hosts painted them in a wall-matching color. The high-ceilinged rooms were obviously crying for lengthy doors — at least 2.35 meters.


Furniture came from “Flat” showroom.


Oak flooring was very long-expected. Such variegated planks are regarded as nonconforming, but the factory didn’t have enough faulty boards for the required area. According to the hosts, lop-sided dapple of the planks is a plus: this way the flooring becomes a full-fledged, rather than an auxiliary element of the décor.

61-Oak flooring

A woolen needle-worked tapestry from “Tapestry Street” store and fancy wallpaper of English brand Watts with narrative prints are classic inclusions, which were determined by the hosts long before the move-in. Wallpapering was used only on one of the walls to avoid space overloading. Still, Constantine and Irena were unwilling to make a TV-set the only subject of attention.


A carved wooden dog by Chelini, which was spotted by the hosts in catalogues, was given to them by grateful clients.

81-woolen needle-worked tapestry

The connecting links of the flat are its color gamut (shades of gray) and a wall-length closet. The closet is custom-designed, but the idea was borrowed from Annibale Colombo brand, which doesn’t make wardrobes to orders.

91-connecting links of the flat

All the zones can be united by opening all the sliding doors, and vice versa, fully isolated and creating the illusion of absence of doors.

101-Oak veneer

Oak veneer, naturally colored and tinted as wenge, was used for finishing the closet and the windowsill.

111-bedroom features IKEA chest of drawers and an arm-chair

The bedroom features IKEA chest of drawers and an arm-chair of the same brand. Behind the door there is a small walk-in closet and a bathroom.

121-bedroom interior

Etro cloth used for upholstering the bedhead set the tone for bedroom décor. Curtains and pillowcases were made of the same textile.

The bed was assembled by parts: the framework was ordered separately from the mattress.


The closet was originally based on a standard principle – with clothes hanging on rails. But with time the hosts equipped it with IKEA doors, having arrived at a conclusion that an open closet is not too practical: things get dusty in a tick.


The hosts’ bathroom, as well as the guest’s one, is faced with marble. Sanitaryware and furniture by Duravit. With the help of marble and lighting the designers were trying to make this purely functional space comfortable.


A desk and a chair by German brand Moll grow along with the kid thanks to adjustable height.

161-desk and a chair

The playroom is decorated with Skol wallpaper, which creates the feeling of shades of the trees outside the window on a sunny day. The IKEA wardrobe is meant for continuing this idea.


Use of modular IKEA structures on one of the walls was a good idea for the kid’s room: this way the space may be easily changed by switching the shelves and their stuffing.

181-modular IKEA

One of the few shortcomings of the lodging is the noise, which the hosts hoped to get rid of by moving from the 1st floor to the 22nd. But no such luck! If earlier this were the sounds of birds and street cleaners, then now it’s the noise of busy city streets. However, Constantine and Irena say that this doesn’t poison their existence too much.


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