The beautiful and spacious terrace in the interior

July 24, 2013
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12-a beautiful view

Terrace – is one of the finest places to stay in a clean and fresh air. Terrace – a place with a separate area on the same level with the house, or slightly elevated level. Some commonly confused veranda with terrace, veranda – its glass-walled room, and an open terrace, which is located near the house in an open area, which is adjacent to the house.

3-beautiful sky

This terrace adjacent to the house, but she has a funny canopy that will save the rain in bad weather.

10-wooden canopy

This lovely terrace in one of the most picturesque places lodge that offers lovely views of the surrounding countryside. The fireplace creates a feeling of warmth and coziness.


White and a beautiful terrace built on one level with the house, a lot of comfortable furniture you can comfortably relax on the terrace, and a warm fireplace which is located in Jaume will warm up on cold days.

11-artificial terrace

If there is no summer terrace might be installed right at home, just select the appropriate items for the interior. The room has a fireplace, lots of white stones and a variety of tropical plants.

8-lots of pillows

This terrace is under the same roof with the house, which facilitates its use as a living room and a summer terrace. On the terrace is a good time.

9-small ottomans

The terrace has a wonderful option to comfortable rest in the shade of trees, and glass structure over the top in the sun bright rays scatter across the terrace.

7-swimming pool at home

Terrace built in conjunction with the house under one roof, glass and glass once it’s framed in a black frame. Possible to look at nature, at any time of the day, what is more an indoor pool and allow for a romantic evening.

2-orange sofa

The terrace is located on the balcony will enjoy the sun at any time, comfortable sofas with soft cushions will enjoy all of nature.

5-blue walls

Spacious and easy terrace allows you to sunbathe in the summer days.

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