Luxury apartments Jenna Lyons in Manhattan

July 24, 2013
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1-black cushion

Old house in 1880 has been modified by modern designers and took his new mistress. This lovely town house has 4 floors, the house is located on the slope of a Manhattan park. In this house are 7 bedrooms, a spacious common terrace and 3 bathrooms, and if you look at a lot of interior parts, chandeliers, arches, mirrors, and perfect lighting.

2-beautiful living room

The entire interior of the room is awesome, stylish, different contrasting textures. In the interior there is no bulky items, impeccable style apartment owner sends her mood of the interior.

3-mirror in a gold frame

The interior is mainly used only natural materials, it is stone, wood, tile. In a lot of white space, which is very refreshing in the interior of the room.

4-white kitchen

Vintage decor blends well with modern everything looks stylish, and concisely.

5-black bath

Around the interior is dominated by sleek retro style that is suitable to the nature of the hostess.

6-black bedroom

Bedroom in black, but it is well diluted with white objects such as windows and a fireplace, and the most unusual is the open bathroom in the bedroom beautiful arch was saved in the old format.

7-white bathroom

The shower room looks very simple it is made in the style of avant-garde.

8-Walk in closet

9-entrance to the house

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