Modern one bedroom apartment in Sweden

July 24, 2013
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A wonderful and pleasant apartment in Sweden has an area of ​​90 square meters, this two-room apartment is very beautiful and spacious kitchen with a gorgeous little balcony.

2-white kitchen

 Kitchen furniture blends well with each other with kitchen white and gray wall facades, small turquoise accessories fit well into the interior.

3-small bedroom

A small bedroom in which there is only a large and comfortable bed.

4-beautiful black plaid

Bedroom in white is small, but it is made exclusively for hotel room is divided by a partition behind which is a large walk-in closet.

5-large walk-in closet

Behind the wall is a plurality of shelves for shoes and a small dressing room that allows you to store all of the things that belong to their owners.

6-print on the wall

The long spacious hallway which leads to the kitchen and with gray on one side of the beautiful applique all over the world.  The floor is is a fun striped rug in black and white stripes.

7-glassed-in shower

Bathroom is in shades of brown, lined with mosaic tiles around the side of the tile. The floor  is a large square tile color matched to the entire bathroom.

8-shower bathroom with toilet

The bathroom is located near the kitchen. Cheap cabin combined with a toilet as a small apartment.

9-bottle for soap

A white modern sink built into a wooden countertop, beautiful glass jar with liquid soap, silent perfumes and cosmetics are placed along the length of the shell.

10-a beautiful picture

A large and white living room with rounded windows, large and comfortable leather sofa, a couple of big pillows in white. On the wall is a beautiful picture with beautiful faces.

11-large windows

The interior is only commonly used modern furniture, a very interesting table of black color in the form of a mat, and a beautiful white furniture on which the TV and placed a lot of live plants.

12-transparent chairs

The living room is a table made ​​of wood, which combine well with transparent plastic chairs that are dissolved in the interior of the living room.


Comfortable and spacious patio is favorable to itself and attracts, it even has chairs at tables where you can sit out on a summer day drinking a soft drink, or just read a book.

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