The Modern apartment in the Islamic style decor

July 25, 2013
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This new private home is located in a small Portuguese town called Silves. The new private home was designed by architects Studio Arte. A modern interior of the house is made by Islamic architecture and are in harmony.

2white living room

A small windows are well protected all the premises of a lot of sun, and save us from the hot weather.

3-Lamp - rope

The house is elegant and well-selected furniture, and a small number of works of art.

4-dining area

The living room is connected to the dining area, which flows smoothly into the kitchen, there is only one room with doors – this is the kitchen, but the doors are transparent, all other rooms have only partitions.

5-open plan kitchen with dining area

The dining area will prevent a large dining table with orange Islamic patterns yellow chairs in black, braided and very modern. On the wall hangs a small painting on the ceiling mounted lamp matt black. Kitchen and dining area separates the white glossy screen.

6-white kitchen

The kitchen is very small, but it is only for cooking, good cooking zone highlights blue tiles, which is faced with a work area. In this kitchen open top, bottom shelves are closed.

7-white bedroom

The main bedroom in a classic white color in the room for at least the things on the wall of a mosaic big picture, it is covered the entire wall of the room. The room is absolutely no furniture, just a wicker chair and 2 bedside tables in the form of chairs.

8-Guest Bedroom

The second bedroom is different from all the rooms, it has a classic white color, but one part of the wall is highlighted dark turquoise, bed of dark wood.

9-plastic doors

Exiting the bathroom has two plastic doors that lead to an outdoor garden. The room is two interesting benches with unusual patterns.

10-outdoor swimming pool

From the bedroom there is access to the outdoor pool, or rather a large bathroom with a rough gray surface, looks like a gray concrete. Plumbing in its present form and style.

11-night view

At night home stand out from the other gray and boring homes with bright and warm lighting, the house looks shocked and gorgeous. This piece of art meets the architectural traditions of the Islamic nation, which do not change in tradition and is most often used only in white color in the interior.

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