The elegant interior of the apartment in Stockholm

July 26, 2013
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12-small balcony

In the new interiors of apartments is appreciated not only convenience, but also the beauty. It should be borne in mind that each customer their obvious beauty and design in general.

In his house, he spends a lot of free time, so the desire to make each housing two cozy, comfortable and easily understandable. This spacious and very bright apartment all in harmony. No unnecessary furniture, allowing the flow of air and natural light to move freely through the rooms. The designer chose for the spring flowers – white, green, beige, that visually expand the already quite a large area.

The main decoration of the apartment has a window, because they all have a wonderful view. Through an open window into the room with natural light, which makes the apartment even more Sunny and bright. From the bedrooms have outlet to a balcony, which offers a beautiful view of the green light. In order to enjoy the outdoors as comfortable as possible, on the balcony folding mobile furniture with soft cushions.

The room walls are decorated with mirrors of different sizes, it reflects the window and visually expand the space. Cabinet next room, which will house the library. This room is quiet and far from the hall, so you can concentrate on the job or in the book.

11-white tiles in the bathroom

10-second bedroom

9-beautiful bedroom

8-white kitchen

7-dining area


5-shelves for books

4-soft carpet

3-a beautiful picture

2-white table


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