The interior living room in a modern style

July 26, 2013
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8-blue cushion

Living room – this room which is to provide special attention should reflect the taste and personality of character home is also considered that this room shows the financial position, and can tell a lot about everyone who lives in the house.

9-striped pillows

Living room set up for the reception, as well as for family celebrations, or just the whole family, this room should be cozy and comfortable.

10-Scandinavian style

When designing the living room is taken into account the interests of all residents, so that everyone can feel at home. The living room can be designed in several styles, if each different preference.


The living room is best done in light colors in one color, and combine with bright colors to avoid monotony in the finish.

2-bright light green color

Can be selected bright colors, the main thing – do not overdo it and skilfully combine shades the interior to blend in and be integrated.

7-funny ottoman

A very important role is the choice of the right furniture to the style of the interior, if the interior is bright and splashy, you should choose a light-colored furniture, and if the furniture is light furniture you can choose more contrast and brighter than the interior.


Bright objects will add a cheerful and positive mood, and create a feeling of warmth and comfort in the house. Use different colors of the room can be divided into several zones. The use of bright fabrics, curtains, pillows should contrast and appropriate in the interior.

6-lavender color

When the room is in pastel colors, the room gets plenty of light and visually expand the space, and with bright accessories can set the tone for the room.

3-bright cushions

The living room can be designed in several styles, if each different preference.


Living room is the most successful in terms of design and imagination, it all depends on how much it is roomy and large.

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