The successful combination of gray with yellow and orange color in the interior

July 26, 2013
Posted in Interiors


When choosing colors for the interior of his home all depends on the combination of colors, the colors should be warm and pleasing to the eye. Colors can be combined so as to expand the space, and narrow it.

2-gray staircase

This interior is gray – white tone with a bright yellow and orange colors, and it is also appropriate fit red. This combination is suitable to any style.

3-round rug

The variety of colors in combination with gray interior makes business and cozy. Well-saturated colors enliven a space.

4-bright carpet

To the such a drab color and such bright colors will give the room the mood, warmth and comfort.

5-top view

White furniture blends well with bright colors, and shows the taste of the owners of the apartment. Near windows used more bright colors, against this background dark furniture looks perfect.

6-bright bedroom

Bedroom with white color, choose dark-colored furniture made ​​of wood, which is very much stands out among the white walls. Modern lamp with metallic colors in shades looks very glamorous.

7-orange kitchen

Bright kitchen in orange, bright plastic door with a glossy finish. The kitchen is very small, but very functional.


Small bathroom a good mix of white and gray, brown and interesting accents.

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