Modern and Elegant Three-Room Apartment in Reserved European Style Furnished by Ikea and Boconcept

July 30, 2013
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131-Bed by IKEA, poster by Paul White

The Hosts:
Galina, a civil-service employee
Sergei, a doctor

Number of rooms: 3
Metric area: 58 m²
Ceiling height: 2.5 m
Floor number: 4

Galina and Sergei have lived in a three-room apartment in the north-west of Moscow for 11 years already, and during this time the space faced versatile alterations. At first this was common face-lift, then in 2005 – re-planning. Back then all the rooms were isolated, a bathroom and a WC were separate, and a great deal of square meters was occupied by corridors.

On a smoky summer of 2010 the hosts, as well as the rest of Moscow, were taking the air-conditioner from one room to another. Once they even had to sleep in the lounge, when suddenly came a solution to change the furniture. As a start of renovation, the living room was cleared from all upholstered furniture. For a piece of professional advice the spouses turned to their son’s friends, the architects of Archnoga studio, who designed a plan of their new lounge and got down to re-making the rest of the rooms. The only exception is the bathroom, which is still on the waiting list.

The hosts came to an immediate explanation with the architects: almost all the drawings were approved at one push, and the final result differed little from the planned 3D-models. At the end of the day, the owners had only one desire – modern European interior.


Lamp hanging in the entrance hall — Philips, mirror and shoe rest — IKEA.

21-lamp Philips

The living room flooring is made from nutwood, to be precise – it’s rustic, a more variegated and patterned type of parquetry. Fancy wallpaper by Harlequin Makeda.

31-Fancy wallpaper

Suspended cabinets and consoles by IKEA.


Standard lamp, chandelier, coffee table, picture – all by BoConcept.



Drop-leaf table — BoConcept, lamps over the table — Tom Dixon, arm-chairs — Panton.

61-Drop-leaf table

Shelves by BoConcept.

71-Shelves by BoConcept

The kitchen set was custom-made on a Russian factory “Maria”.


Surprisingly, domestic natural marble turned out cheaper and of higher quality, than ceramic granite, so for the kitchen flooring and cooking zone it was the best choice.

91-domestic natural marble

Located to the left is the bedroom, to the right – the study.


A relatively tight bedroom was visually expanded by means of a glass wall. Closet – IKEA.


The hosts had many hesitations in point of massive lamps by Philips, but after the company let fit them on, the hosts were quite satisfied. Wallpaper — Cole & Son’s Contemporary Restyled.

121-Wallpaper — Cole & Son's Contemporary Restyled

Bed by IKEA, poster by Paul White.

131-Bed by IKEA, poster by Paul White

Coat rack and folding padded stool by BoConcept.

141-Coat rack and folding padded stool by BoConcept

The ex-room of the son, who started to live separately, was re-made for a study.


The idea of wooden finish was doubtful, since it called up associations with sauna. Now the hosts have no regrets, especially Sergei, who arranged his set of small cars on modular shelves.


Closet, desk — IKEA, arm-chair, chairs — BoConcept. Flooring – oak parquetry. Wallpaper — Sanderson Paisley Circles.


The balcony is faced with custom-made marble slabs.


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