White-Walled Apartment Splashed with Motley Plastic Lamps, Eames Chairs and a Home Library with no Dust Covers

July 30, 2013
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The Host:
Rustam Babaev, an engineer

Number of rooms: 1
Metric area: 31 m²
Ceiling height: 2.5 m
Floor number: 1

Four years ago Rustam moved in his own apartment in a Khrushchev building, which came to him through his Grandma. With a wish to change the interior beyond recognition, he turned to a professional working gang, which would work under his guidance. The most important changes of layout took place in a tight bathroom and a WC: the wall between them was torn down, giving way to a shower cabin and a washing machine. As for the flooring, in the main room restored was original herring-bone parquetry, and for the kitchen and the hallway chosen was common linoleum – out of practical reasons.

While planning the interior design, Rustam drew inspiration from versatile blogs. Within the four years spent in this apartment he changed the décor a few times and keeps altering it till now. Before being implemented, each of his ideas is checked by modeling in Google Sketchup program.

The lodging is filled with IKEA stuff and vintage elements from eBay and local flea markets: lamps Ateljé Lyktan and Harvey Guzzini, a fibreglass arm-chair by Charles and Ray Eames.

The lack of natural light is felt even in the daytime: the apartment is located on the first floor and its windows overlook the eastern side. Rustam’s cheerful solutions are bright furniture, motley details and multiple sources of light. Special attention was devoted to wall décor. As for a Matisse copy hanging over the TV-set, it was made by the host himself.


Parents gave Rustam their “Library of world literature” numbering nearly 200 volumes. The new owner took off all the dust covers and arranged them on the bookstand according to color and shade. Harvey Guzzini Clan lamp on the floor is a flea market product – it was made by designers of 6G studio back in 1968.

21-Library of world literature

Lamp Atelje Lyktan Bumling of 1968 was dug out on an antiques market. The adornment of the bookstand are Henry Matisse reproductions.


Cat Motya.

41-Cat Motya

A vintage arm-chair by Eames MAX of early 1950s was also found in the Internet. The shelf features a copy of Matisse’s “Blue Nude IV”.

51-vintage arm-chair

A decorative panel on the wall was inspired by Andy Warhol’ works and hand-made by Rustam. Kitchen chairs — Eames DSW.

61-decorative panel



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