Brown color in the interior

August 1, 2013
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Some people do not trust the brown and treat it with a little grain of salt, many think that this color is gloomy depressing and pessimistic, but this is not the case, this color is a symbol of stability, reliability and loyalty. Brown can be used in combination with other colors and thus can achieve great success. This bedroom is done in an oriental style interior looks fresh and cozy. The designer came up with a design of great interest, and made it great.

2-kitchen in brown

A small dining area in brown shades to meet more and makes the interior cozy and lively.

3-Living in brown

Small but bright details such as picture frames and a small chest of drawers, looks good, as is made out of the wood noble breed.

4-Living in brown

Chocolate-colored furniture not only looks sweet and delicious, and very stylish.

5-kitchen in brown

In this kitchen using only natural materials, the floor is laid with brown boards, it makes the interior warm and homey.

6-bedroom in brown color

This bedroom is full of all the colors of browns, and then the color is in furniture and textiles, and of course in different fine detail. The most important thing in this interior not bust all goes perfectly, and blue covers soften the whole interior.

7-light beige bedroom

Do not forget the light shades of brown, beige color makes the room cozy and gentle in a bedroom can be easy to relax after a hard day’s work.

8-brown ceiling

Spacious and huge living room with a high ceiling with brown looks very stylish, well laid out floor boards, brown and white color combination makes it cozy.

9-children's room in shades of brown

Bright children’s room can be very interesting and not strict with the brown, turquoise wallpaper well with brown stripes, and overall, the beige carpet, brown sofa, make the room cozy.

10-white chair

White with brown brick walls contrasting look, this solution is very suitable for processing individual zone.

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