Improving your Home’s Exterior

August 1, 2013
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There are many ways you could improve your home’s exterior this summer, and not all of them need to incur a great expense. You may be wanting to spruce up the front of your home in order to sell your house, or you might just want to give yourself a nicer sight to see when you return home at the end of the day.

Firstly, painting your house- clearly the most dominantly visible part of your home’s exterior is the wall and so you want to ensure that the colour is something that you like, is up to date and will be long lasting, as well as in keeping with the house colours along the rest of your road. If you are carrying out a dramatic colour change then you will also need to consider the colour of guttering, window frames and doors, as well as any exposed brick or stonework, and finally the colour of the roof, to be certain that they will work with the new colour scheme.


Roof & Garden
The roof is something that people tend not to notice if it’s in perfect condition, but usually easily spot if there are any loose tiles or any other problems, so attend to any problems with your roof in order to make sure that your home’s new exterior look is completely consistent- this applies to your garage roof as well. Tending your garden and planting fresh plants and trees is also an essential part to improve the look of your home’s exterior as a whole. If you have a fence and gate surrounding your front garden, strip and repaint it, or if you don’t then consider installing one- either a classic wooden one or, if your home is more modern, then metal such as aluminium would be more appropriate. As well as the gate, the path leading up to your door is one of the first things visitors see, so if this is missing any brickwork or covered in weeds then repair it, or consider replacing it entirely!

Roof & Garden
Installing a new front door can instantly make the front of your home appear more attractive (as well as the added benefit of increased security) for a traditional fronted home you should opt for a classic wooden red door, whereas in a more modern home a front door with a well designed window would be more suitable. You can also complement this new front door with a new house sign; there are many styles you could choose from so you are bound to find a sign that will fit in with the design of your home.

Front Door and Accessories

Many of these tips above will cost very little in terms of monetarily value- the main cost being that of your time, if you are willing to give up a few hours of sunbathing this summer and spend it refreshing the exterior of your home, you can spend many months to come admiring your handiwork and feel that giving up your time was worth it to ensure your home is as perfect as it can be.

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