Why Choose Acrylic Kitchen Doors?

August 1, 2013
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Acrylic Kitchen with orange and beige color

If you’re redesigning your kitchen, it is likely you’ll be considering the finish of your new kitchen-to-be. In this article we will be discussing a particular type of finish known as acrylic.

What is acrylic?
Acrylic, often known as poly (methyl methacrylate) or PMMA is a synthetic transparent thermoplastic. Created with a molecular formula of C5O2H8 and with a density of 1.18g/cm it is considered particularly strong for its weight, and therefore favoured for use in racing cars or other applications where weight and strength are key factors. If you have ever looked through Perspex you will have in fact encountered a form of acrylic produced for use in windows.

What About Acrylic Kitchen Doors
What about acrylic in kitchen doors?
The most desirable feature of acrylic is that it can be very easily moulded and produced in a whole range of colours. This makes it ideal for designing kitchen interiors to suit your personality or design tastes. The other very useful benefit of acrylic kitchen doors is the ability to keep them clean; as they have smooth surfaces you can just wipe them clean. Not only that, but as acrylic is highly durable you can expect your acrylic kitchen doors to last a very long time.

Availability & Cost
Availability & Cost
As the popularity of acrylic doors has increased, the cost of purchasing them has come down. You can find an acrylic kitchen door for as little as £8. This actually compares favourably against the cost of an oak kitchen door which often has a minimum costs of around £35. Then there is availability; acrylic is widely available due to its straightforward manufacturing processes. Unlike with oak, there is less of a concern regarding sustainability, which is a key factor in natural materials that are used for commercial or consumer products.

Styles, Colours & Custom Designs
Styles, Colours & Custom Design
Acrylic is easily moulded so you will see that you able to find a huge range of styles and colours to suit. This is aided by the fact that the design and manufacturing process of acrylic is made easier through the use of clever software, which communicates directly with the manufacturing process. This has allowed for a new wave of suppliers offering custom design and even printing. If you want (and budget permitting) you could have a black and white chess board style chequered print. Or you could even have copies of Hollywood film stars printed onto your acrylic kitchen doors for a unique trendy and fashionable appearance.

Acrylic is an extremely flexible material which has vast potential. But when it comes to kitchen doors and units, the sky really is the limit. My advice is to research the product you are buying thoroughly. Just because acrylic is cost effective it doesn’t mean that all acrylic doors will be of the same high quality. You want to ensure that the colours won’t fade or that it won’t warp in the heat and most importantly of all you want to make sure you’re paying a fair price.

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