10 Modern home laundry room

August 2, 2013
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1-turquoise room

Laundries in public places are often only large companies, but some are not able to wash at home and enjoy the laundry service. In today’s world, technology makes it possible to arrange a private laundry. Thanks to well-furnished facilities you’ll have time to redo a lot of useful things. Normally assigned to a separate laundry room, or located in a small corner of the fire.

2-two washing machines

Laundry room can be done in the bathroom, only costs a separate partition and hide it behind a curtain or blinds.

3-white laundry

Compact laundry room is next to the shower and toilet, if you have a small apartment, this option will be the most sought-after.

4-room to work

If you have a storage room it can be combined with a laundry room, convenient location of shelves and racks will store the powder, soap and other detergents.

5-bright laundry

This is available in the laundry room with large glass windows, very lucky find, a bright light and direct sunlight will illuminate the room throughout the day.

6-orange laundry

Orange and bright laundry room look very cheerful and positive. If you want to achieve this success, it is enough to paint one wall in a bright color, and the laundry area has come to life.

7-amazing laundry

Elegant laundry room, large and spacious, with nice color and black sand makes the room a classic and unique.

8-white laundry

Stylish bathroom is not only a laundry, but also a beautiful room for craftswomen, green mat like a small clearing, and the white round table complements the atmosphere, the whole room was old and lived.

10green laundry

Spacious laundry room with a large rack on the entire wall will keep some clothes, such as towels, sheets, and even some clothing. Laundry room is light green, diluted with white.

9-beautiful wallpaper

Bright and cute little laundry room with wallpaper for teen girl pleases, and makes the room fun.

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