The Pool at Pyne by TROP Studio in Bangkok

August 2, 2013
Posted in Architecture


Located right in the middle of a busy urban district of Bangkok, just 5 mins walk from the city’s biggest shopping malls, the Pool at Pyne designed by Thai landscape architects TROP, is an oasis of relaxation positioned over the podium of a 42-storey residential complex.

The residential tower is built on top of parking structure close to the city’s main station. Normally the parking part has a bigger floor plan than the tower, leaving the left over area as its swimming pool. The Pool at Pyne is no different. It is designated to be on the 8th floor, which is also the roof of the parking structure. The area is a rectangular shape terrace, around 370 sqm.





2 the pool at pyne in bangkok by trop studio The Pool at Pyne in Bangkok by TROP Studio.

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