Apartment-Studio of Two Architects with Almost Entire Wooden Furniture of Their Own Make

August 5, 2013
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The Hosts:
Alexander Kanygin, an architect
Hanna Druzhinina, an architect

Number of rooms: 2
Metric area: 60 m²
Ceiling height: 3.1 m
Floor number: 2

Having inherited 60 m² from parents, Alexander and Hanna moved in a lodging on the embankment about three years ago. Both architects by education, they fabricate interior ideas, often spontaneous, all by themselves. Besides, Alexander is good at making wooden furniture: a kitchen set, chairs and lamps for the home are his own entire make. And he also sets out his interior details for sale: in the future Hanna and Alexander even plan to launch their own show-room. Meanwhile they receive guests, friends and clients in the living room. Sometimes it happens that clients put the eye on things from the home décor, and the hosts part with this stuff without any compunction, replacing it with new items. In this fashion the look of the flat chops and changes.

The apartment includes two rooms and a kitchen joint with an entrance hall. The lounge is a zone for work, the other room – for rest. Renovation process never stops, and interior details are refreshed every month. The hooks, for example, arrived from Norway, and flashlights – from Vietnam.

Oak kitchen set was a pioneer of the flat. Alexander made it with his own hands, as well as a table, chairs and a lamp. The window sill is adorned with cats and dolls, hand-made by Hanna.




An antique table was bought by chance – in the nearest food-store. The couple noticed workers sawing planks for a new vegetable counter on it, and couldn’t resist. Used as an alternative to a traditional shoe cabinet is an old upturned sideboard. Centerpieces of the décor are paper models, masks and а bear-shaped coffee table hand-made by Alexander. A bicycle chair on a receiver was brought by a friend from India. A large black desk was designed and assembled by Alexander himself.

21-antique table




The hosts were determined not to lumber the tight bedroom with unnecessary stuff. A bedside table was dug out on a disposal dump, while the picture is Hanna’s birthday present to Alexander.



The bathroom features a set of robots from all over the world. Many of them were found on flea markets or presented by friends.



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