Original and Brutal Loft-Style Apartment: Unwrought Concrete Wall and Roofing Aluminum, Corrugated Iron and Heat Insulation Material for Water Pipes

August 6, 2013
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11-original and brutal

The Hosts:
Michael, an air traffic controller
Natalie, an accountant

Number of rooms: 1
Metric area: 35 m²
Ceiling height: 2.75 m
Floor number: 2

After a few months of refurbishment and re-planning, Michael and Natalie moved in their own newly-built apartment. Facelift was made with the help of family friends, while interior solutions were thought over by the guys themselves.

For a start, the flat was totally re-planned. Firstly, a piece of corridor wall was demolished for the sake of a kitchen. Here a bar was built instead of a traditional table. The vacant ex-kitchen was re-arranged for a bedroom, thus turning a one-room apartment into a two-room one. True, dead walls were not built at all, so that an already tight space didn’t look even smaller. Through a lath partition the bedroom is well within view, and the kitchen is visible from the bedroom as well. However, the hosts were determined to do with only two doors — an entrance one and a bathroom one.

Wall décor is arranged in multiple materials and styles, most of which are typical of industrial and technical buildings: a specially carelessly whitewashed brickwork by the window, an unwrought concrete wall in the bedroom and corrugated sheet metal in the kitchen.

Changing the look of the lounge stands first on the host’s agenda. The only indisputable element here is a sofa. For a large bookstand, which will be totally hand-made, the hosts are already seeking for the right material. Meanwhile, they manage with a table and shelves of their own make.




A bar was arranged here even before the kitchen set was bought. Its top is made from manually dressed plank of African oak. The same material was used for a windowsill. Wallpaper in the kitchen zone is also hand-made: Michael painted it together with his sister. Original solution for the kitchen ceiling is heat insulation material used for water pipes.




The bedroom occupies the ex-kitchen zone. The most challenging task here was decorating the ceiling. After visiting an interior show-room Michael decided to face it with roofing aluminum. One of the walls was left untouched at all: this brutal concrete surface looks especially good through the partition in the lounge. For the sake of softening the aggressiveness of the bedroom, the opposite wall was glued over with Swedish wallpaper. The lamp is hand-made: the legs were given by a friend, while the club searchlight came from a flea market.



The bathroom was made dark and brutal. The idea of corrugated ceiling was inspired by aluminum sheets bought for the bedroom. On finding relief roofing iron in a store, Michael was enthusiastic over the idea of using it in his lodging. Bathroom floor is also made from African oak: being soft and warm enough, it doesn’t need extra heating.



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