White-Walled Apartment with Black Curtains and Blue Accents, Partially Brick-Faced and Adorned with Scandinavian Landscapes

August 6, 2013
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81-Flooring of Portuguese oak

The Hosts:
Dasha, an artist, an architect
Artem, an entry-level director

Number of rooms: 2
Metric area: 53 m²
Ceiling height: 2.8 m
Floor number: 14

Not so long ago Artem and Dasha moved in a newly-built apartment in the north-west of Moscow. Hardly had they arranged the contents of their boxes in the lodging, when they found out that they have to pack again: soon the guys are leaving Russia for a foreign-country college. The apartment actually appeared back in 2010 and its renovation was launched at the same time. Still, due to some issues, it was stopped and paused a few times to be finally finished at the end of last summer.

A lodging on the 14th floor was quite typical: standard layout, conventional balcony, linoleum on the floor and peach-colored walls. There was no need to have recourse to professional designers: the creative hosts had a clear view of what they want and how they can get it. The plan was worked out in close cooperation: Artem was engaged in technical issues, while Dasha had to deal with visual sides of the questions.

Reorganization of space was done by means of door shifting and partial wall demolition, rather than by grand re-planning. Opposite the entrance hall, in place of a kitchen door, appeared a closet. It serves for storing overclothes and concealing a boiler and a router. Located to the right is a bathroom door.

11-home space

Sanitaryware — Duravit Puravida and Hansgrohe. A table top is made from precast stone.


A clock by BoConcept was meant for the lounge, but it fit into this very room, having become a good contrast to a super-white mosaic bathroom.

31-clock by BoConcept

Both the bathroom and the kitchen are modernized with special facilities by Swedish company ABB, which enable battery charging and listening to the music from different gadgets. The acoustic system is built into the ceiling.


The primary plan was to make a mirror in the hallway one-piece, but the compound option proved to be not only showy, but also money-saving. A mudboard by Artem Lebedev’s “Lavka”. A photo of Iceland was made by Artem’s uncle, a designer and a photographer Viktor Derbenyov.


White was picked up as a basic interior color from the beginning — it gives room for imagination, contrasts and bright accents. Wooden floor-to-ceiling windows were surprisingly stipulated by the custom design.


Curtains conceal a walk-in closet.

71-walk-in closet

Flooring of Portuguese oak — Maestro Сlub Bolero.

81-Flooring of Portuguese oak

A wheeled IKEA console is multifunctional: with its height it can be easily used for serving breakfast in bed.

91-wheeled IKEA console

The hosts ordered a set of brick-like stone with no identical elements, which made it possible to create a natural texture.

101-brick-like stone

Plaid, pillows — Zara Home.

111-Zara Home pillows

Due to partial changes of the layout, the wall had to be reinforced with the help of a double tee — a steel embrasure, which was painted black. As for a kitchen set, cabinets and different fittings, they were ordered from “MDM-Komplekt” mill.


Sofa by Kika, an Austrian rival of IKEA. Shots of Norwegian landscapes, as well as the work hanging in the hallway, are uncle’s.

131-Sofa by Kika

A picture was painted by Dasha. A three-legged German standard lamp of 1940s arrived from Tel Aviv.


Being a practiced diver in the past, Artem was able to use his experience in refurbishment. Remembering water-resistance, durability and moderate prices of yacht wood, as compared to stone, he made windowsills and a desk of it.


Under a cozy corner with pillows on the balcony there is a tight utility compartment with a washing machine.


A kitchen set was custom-made from the host’s drawing on a mill which manufactures fronts and facades.


Earlier, when the kitchen stood in place of the closet in the hallway, it was wider and more spacious. But the guys found a way out by placing the rings between the cooking and the dining zones. Tiling spotted by the hosts in a coffee-house turned out to be not as white as it had been expected, but fit into the interior anyway. Arm-chairs — IKEA.


This picture is also Dasha’s.


All rubber lamps by Scandinavian brand Muuto cost 200 Euro. They were found in Milano, in High Tech Milano show-room.

201-rubber lamps

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