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August 9, 2013
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During the creation of Art Nouveau interior should give priority to the lines that should flow smoothly, like a shroud housing and the coziness and comfort. All items must be chosen for the interior with the basic rules of design: no colorful and flashy colors, but at the same time elegant and new. So pick textiles or plain or with a vegetable pattern, but not necessarily in the form of an unimaginable figure of intertwining branches and stems. Making a house in modern style is not easy, because the main thing here is not to miss the connection zones of all elements and accessories, which in this style takes precedence. If the interior everything is done properly and correctly, the atmosphere of the home like the music, where everything is perfect, coherent and elegant.

Nouveau style involves a mixture of different elements and styles in its interior. The interior, designed in this style is more like a wave of different techniques of style, which manifests itself in an unprecedented figure flooring and wrought iron stair railing amaze with weaves. This style creates an easy, balanced and comfortable design for a living, that would be ideal for someone who is valuable home.

2-dark furniture

3-green kitchen

4-bright kitchen

5-large kitchen

6-small kitchen

7-small kitchen

8-white table

9-beautiful bar

10-bright kitchen

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