10 of the most magnificent rooms in the bohemian style

August 12, 2013
Posted in Bedroom

9-wallpaper with patterns

In the bohemian style can be made and has a nice sleeping room. Choose original and exclusive furniture. Best furniture for the bedroom is in a Victorian style. This furniture looks very presentable and most importantly it is exclusive. The furniture that you have in your hand, but you may not be suitable for flowers, you can manually re-paint furniture. Bohemian style can be supplemented with live plants, and a great abundance of paintings and dilute embellish the interior.


In this bedroom is dominated by turquoise accents, the walls are painted in a pale blue color, bed linen in a turquoise color with white accents on the sides of the cabinets black.

2-white cushions

The chamber is very small; since the bed is placed right next to the walls, so the room in white color, and also bed linen in white color, but also the beautiful blue headboard.

3-Hide beds

Dark purple walls in the bedroom, create a special atmosphere, a lot of different photographs and clippings of the books are completely different materials. Instead plaid used animal skins, which made the bed.

4-bed for 1 person

Master bedroom with stylish wallpaper different patterns, beautiful antique lamp on the nightstand. The bottom is made of wood, there is an interesting pattern.

5-beautiful canopy

The bedroom in bright colors, white cushions, the walls are lined with natural wood paneling, a large white window directs light onto the bed.

6-beautiful vases

The bedroom in bright colors, delicate peach color at the head of the bed, pale pink pillows. On the table are small glass bowls green.

7-shades of Pink

Marvelous dark ceiling of natural wood, as well as the floor is constructed of natural dark wood. The room is dominated by a dark pink color.

8-large windows

High white bed with red pillows, bright patterns in textiles enliven the room.

10-wooden bed

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