Cozy Apartment with Wood as a Central Element of Décor, a Bar as a Chief Zoning Member and a Clapboarded Ceiling

August 12, 2013
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33-Fyodor cat

The Hosts:
Eugenia Chapaeva, a designer
Sergey Naydenov, an entrepreneur

Number of rooms: 2
Metric area: 54 m²
Ceiling height: 2.5 m
Floor number: 7

A two-room apartment on Vasilievsky Island came to Eugenia and Sergey as a wedding gift of their parents. The guys moved in their first joint accommodation one year ago and have been renovating the flat ever since then.

Being a licensed designer, Eugenia worked out the interior design by herself, taking advice from her husband. In a tight apartment the spouses wished to create the atmosphere of a country house. Accordingly, wood was selected as a basic element of décor. To crown it all, even the ceiling was clapboarded.

Right after the move-in the hosts re-planned the kitchen by removing a few pieces of walls. Though the lodging was not newly-built, the only things left after the previous roomers were scuffed wooden doors. Instead of replacing them, the guys just had them restored.

The plank kitchen ceiling turned out too light after installation and had to be painted. A considerably spacious kitchen was extended even more by means of elongating the bar to the lounge. The latter serves as a breakfast and a dining-room table. The hosts are real coffee-lovers, which accounts for two coffee makers in the kitchen: a manual one from Italy and a capsule one. Chairs — Philippe Starck.

11-two-room apartment




The bar conditionally divides the room into a relaxation zone, featuring a big sofa and a nest of shelves, and a home office. A wooden table was presented to the couple by Eugenia’s parents. A lamp in shape of the Eiffel Tower was bought in a small shop in France.




The bedroom is separate from the rest of the rooms and admits just a bed and a few boxes for storing personal stuff. After the white wedding Eugenia and Sergey got numerous pillows, which now decorate the bedroom. Ceramic tablets on the door arrived from Majorca. The cat’s name is Fyodor.



33-Fyodor cat

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