Interior of living room in a bohemian style

August 12, 2013
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2-ceiling with patterns

To design the interior of a bohemian style needs a little money, but a lot of ideas and a good imagination. This style refers to the elegant, eye-catching and intriguing, he must appeal to those who do not like a boring situation. This beautiful bohemian style was born in the Czech Republic. The primary focus of this style is to fill the rooms in different units and accessories.
Most importantly, the bohemian style has specific rules and regulations. All the objects in the room to be very original and interesting, they should look bright and stylish.
From accessories to choose beautiful crystal chandeliers, vases and plates. Also, it is appropriate to look furniture gold or silver. You can combine items and accessories that are not compatible with each other in style.
In the bohemian style uses natural colors and bedding. If you’re making your own style then it will contain a special mood that you want to get into the interior.

1-pink pillows

In this living room is different and interesting furniture, beautiful sofa with a velvety chocolate finish. The pillows on the couch bright fuchsia that create the atmosphere.

3-beautiful screen

In this living room are situated opposite each other two leather sofa on wooden legs. Along each side of the hearth and ordered a beautiful patterned cover.

4-beautiful chair

Beautiful paintings hung on the walls, they are of different sizes and interesting to study. Cushioned chairs with a nice textile in different colors with different designs.

5-bright table

Burnished and beautiful table turquoise with dark patterns under leopard, a tiny guitar, bright round ottoman, hang on the walls of children’s pictures drawn by children.

6-A bright room

7-nice carpet

8-bright sofa

9-beautiful shades

10-fireplace in the bookshelf

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