Super-White-Walled Apartment with Self-Leveling Floors, Designer Furniture and a Single Space Including a Study, an Entrance Hall, a Dining Room and a Lounge

August 12, 2013
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The Hosts:
Oxana, engaged in advertising industry
Andrew, a designer

Number of rooms: 2
Metric area: 60 m²
Ceiling height: 2.9 m
Floor number: 5

Seven years ago, tired of living in rented dwellings of bedroom communities, Andrew and Oxana acquired their first real estate in Moscow. Constrained with relatively small family budget, the spouses were on the point of agreeing to an apartment in a common Khrushchev building, when suddenly came a chance of getting a classic two-room lodging with confined rooms in a house of 1956 — one of the last constructions of Stalin era. The only remainders of former Empire style and monumentality were stucco moldings around chandeliers and three-meter-high ceilings.

Before getting down to redecoration, Andrew and Oxana got away for inspiration to one of the largest interior exhibitions in Milano — I Saloni. The architectural and decoration plans were developed by the hosts: Andrew dealt with its creative component, while Oxana was responsible for documentation and approvals. Interior tastes of guys coincided almost entirely, especially in point of interior stuff by Charles and Ray Eames, whose followers currently work for Vitra brand.

On the starting point of renovation, when the empty space with leveled walls and three windows was perfused with sunlight, the hosts had to wish good-bye to the idea of loft interior, which they were then obsessed with. But the spacious light space remained the fiducial point of the future interior.

Thanks to the well-thought layout against minimum of walls, the couple managed to make a spacious lounge, a dining room, a study, a bedroom, a walk-in closet and a bathroom. Taken as a basis was white color. Even self-leveling floors were made white, which at that time was typical only of industrial premises and boutiques.

11-room interior

The entrance hall is absent as such: as you enter the lodging, you immediately find yourself in a united space including the public and dining zones, and a study. The bearing beam intersecting the entire ceiling was impossible to get rid of, and the hosts decided not to shield it at all.


Long before the move-in Oxana and Andrew agreed not to bring anything from the ex-lodging. The family accumulate new stuff at the velocity of sound, so even the guests invited to a housewarming party were strictly prohibited to bring gifts.


Kitchen set by Vitaly is one of the first purchases.

41-Kitchen set by Vitaly

Table and chairs — Vitra, floor-lamp — Louis Poulsen.

51-Table and chairs

Oxana was totally against wallpapering, while Andrew’s desire was gluing just one of the walls. In the end they agreed to a compromise: a piece of veiny wallpaper by Cole & Son adorns one wall in the lounge and one in the bedroom. Hanger — Desalto. Chest of drawers — Cappellini.


Sofa and TV-stand — Vitra. Coffee tables — Desalto.

71-Sofa and TV-stand — Vitra

The dining zone is visually separated from the study with a suspended partition by Algue, Vitra.

81-The dining zone

82-The dining zone

Table and chairs — Vitra.

91-Table and chairs — Vitra

Bookstack — MDF Italia.

101-Bookstack — MDF Italia

Custom-made doors by TRE-Piu don’t hit the eye, and it seems as if the united space of the lounge and the study is absolutely single. Behind the wall there is a bedroom, a walk-in closet and a bathroom. The latter has exits to both the bedroom and the public zone.

111-Custom-made doors

Mirror — Desalto.

121-Mirror — Desalto

Bed — BoConcept. Piece of wallpaper with graphic trees — Cole & Son.

131-Bed — BoConcept

Tiling — Viva Ceramica. Bath and toilet bowl — Duravit.

141-Tiling — Viva Ceramica

Sink — Laufen.

151-Sink — Laufen

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