10 Ideas Kitchen in country style

August 13, 2013
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Country style kitchen can prepare a special configuration of the room, wooden beams on the ceiling, a summer terrace outside the window, on the compass orientation, lifestyle home and other factors. As a general rule, where the imagination can run wild if – there is a place in the island, breakfast bar or portal-fire above the cooking surface. Due to the fact that it is necessary to save space and give a centimeter of each storage can use open shelves, the sections of the glass.

2-kitchen in shades of beige

Large kitchen with a small island that separates the kitchen room, the furniture in the kitchen dominated by light and creamy, set of open shelves, which are placed vases, dishes.

3-kitchen in shades of turquoise

This kitchen is spacious and large, it is adorned with an unusual but beautiful wrought-iron chair with soft cushions in the corner. In the kitchen there are no closed shelves, all shelves are open.

4-kitchen in shades of orange

Spacious kitchen with bright and orange spots, the walls and near the hood in front of a bright wall in the middle of the kitchen is a small table with a bright orange top.

5-kitchen in shades of blue

Spacious kitchen with white cabinets and doors sweet dishes located on open shelves. A gas stove is a small arch.

6-tissue cell

Small kitchen, but very spacious, gas stove separated in the partition, over which there is a small timber that were placed on red plate. Textiles in the interior in white and red cells.

7-white kitchen

A spacious kitchen, a classic light-colored, lighter on the floor tiles, wall tiles small dark. A large window allows you to illuminate the entire room.

8-wooden ceiling

The kitchen is light yellow, white big arch, dark wood furniture, upper cabinets closes the shutters in red white checks.

9-beautiful flowers

The kitchen in the style of country in the modern style, white modern furniture, a large window in front of sinks, bright flowers along the windowsill, enliven the room.

10-dark tile

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