Design a beautiful apartment in Shanghai

August 13, 2013
Posted in Apartments


This is an advanced and modern house is located in Shanghai. House stunning real beautiful oasis in this house there is no excess furniture, plenty of storage space. The house is made in a beautiful minimalist style.The entire perimeter wall and wooden put the correct accents. A well-chosen lamps bring the room not only bright light, but also creates a special touch to the room.

Most in this house attracts attention to itself aquarium, which is located in the wall next to the dining table, which will relax over dinner, and throw out all the thoughts out of my head.Green plants enliven the room and make it bright and make the room fresh. Also aquarium discreetly shared room living room and kitchen.

Behind the wall in the living room is an office that is located with the most minimal amount of furniture, chair, table, large paper lampshade and the carpet, which helps to focus on work and not be distracted by other things.Special attention is allocated a balcony, it is also lined with natural wood creates comfort. Bedroom in a minimalist style, located bed, two white wardrobes, bedside table and opposite the bed for needed items. In the bathroom there is a simple cast-iron bathtub and shower is also located, which is very convenient. The kitchen is very small, but very functional.












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