10 beautiful kitchens in the traditional style

August 14, 2013
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Cuisine in a traditional style warm, cozy, in this interior provides a large selection of colors, with different colors. It combines very important in the interior different textures and create a lot of light. Kitchen design in a traditional style to be very cozy and comfortable for humans.

2-turquoise room

The unusual shape is used in the kitchen of a small space, made ​​a very comfortable room, and a dining area here, and the workplace, this little kitchen is very functional and mobile.

3-dark kitchen

In the interior combines dark colors, gray and black, with shades of the color of dark grape in a dark fog, use reflective things, sparkling decoration and lighting, do not allow the narrow room.

4-light table

The kitchen is small but very beautiful, with white round table and chairs, soft candlelight makes a soft gray kitchen and airy.

5-greens on top

In this kitchen, several styles here and vintage furniture, modern and cooker hood and make it a tradition.

6-Furniture made ​​of natural wood

The kitchen is filled with completely natural untreated wood furniture, this kitchen is suitable for a large family.

7-gray furniture

The spacious kitchen is combined with milk and gray, cute flowered wallpaper, top light wooden beams, and an unexpected hood in the form of a long telescope.

8-beautiful hood

Big and huge arch with a beautiful forged fence. The kitchen is very spacious with dark wood, walnut color.

9-marble countertop

Beautiful chandelier over the kitchen table, with a beautiful and expensive countertops, shelves for a table wine, which is very convenient and practical.

10-large kitchen


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