Apartment in Style of New York City Loft Featuring Rough Pastel Walls, a Terra-Cotta Stone Oven and Varnished Brick Masonry

August 14, 2013
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The Host:
Denis, a drummer in Saint Petersburg Ska Jazz Review band, a DJ

Number of rooms: 2
Metric area: 63 m²
Ceiling height: 3.8 m
Floor number: 2

Denis Kuptsov, a musician and a DJ by profession, established himself in an old historical building of St. Petersburg in 2008. The new purchase was a classic example of post-Soviet tenement: shabby wallpaper, dingy ceilings, holes in the floor and numerous three-liter jars on all windowsills. The major part of renovation was complete over 9 months. True, Denis was engaged in rehearsals and tours all that time, and all the works were coordinated by his acquainted foreman. The host only made a few sketches of his vision of the future flat beforehand.

Most of the time was spent on concrete blinding coat, which is obligatory for old housing funds before laying new floor structures. Undersized dividing walls and window frames were dismantled and replaced with new ones. Out of small tile pieces Denis arranged a mosaic on the floor, which resembles the works of Gaudi, a famous architect.

The interior design was developed by the host with the aid of a professional artist Viacheslav Mogilevsky. For the sake of New York loft feeling, the entire brick masonry in the corridor was peeled and covered with mat varnish. The next step was coating Gyproc partitions with rough pastel paint. But the pride of the house is an old stone oven, which is covered with three layers of exterior paint. Its reconstruction was entrusted to a professional restorer Andrew Lvov. He removed the heavy coating to find out that the stove is terra-cotta.

The lodging features a rather long corridor leading to the boxroom. A Russische Kolonie tablet was given to Denis by his German friend, while vintage posters were searched out on flea markets.





Restoration of the fireplace took 1.5 months. Collecting feathers from all over the world is the owner’s hobby. A mini-bar was made of an old gay-colored iron cabinet for medicines. A capacious leather sofa is a sleeping berth for guests.





A huge wall-to-wall shelf stand is custom-made. It is utilized for storing vinyl records, music decks, sound intensifiers, a mixer board and other music equipment. Numerous boxes keep CDs, digital cassettes, microphones and cartridges. A great ceiling height gave an option of making a room multilayer and arranging a loft bed.




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