Modern loft-style apartments

August 14, 2013
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These beautiful apartments shit published in the Spanish magazine on design. Two apartments dynamic and interesting. Luxurious furniture and contemporary furniture in the interior of the Danish company.

2-striped chair

Antique furniture is big and wide, with modern art looks just great. Danish modern style, wardrobe, well combines classics of expensive wood, makes the room warm in a white room.

3-long table

The living room is a large wooden table and wide, it is very bulky, but the smooth white walls. The chairs on the metal frame with dark leather trim.

4-blue sofa

This room, loft-style sofa and blue, round carpet of gray. Interesting wooden chairs and a small number of paintings above the bed.

5-brick walls

The second loft designed by the artist Taliska. The interior of the room with clear accents, with sharp features.

6-old camera

White table near the sofa on which the lamp, a beautiful old camera.

7-a comfortable chair

Pleasant and unique chair in the form of nests, or eggs, a beautiful bookshelf white.


Gray sofas and a beautiful modern design were placed near a beautiful stone wall that with bronze shades of gray.

10-white bed

Bedroom in a style with a rough textured wall and ceiling of a large Law offers a beautiful view of the city.

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