Spacious apartment in an old house built in 1904

August 14, 2013
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1-beautiful patio

Luxury two-bedroom apartment was built in 1904 in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, from this little building that was left, but it is successful has been restored. In the house were collected many legends.
The apartment with a convenient layout, this apartment is similar to other apartment’s similar residential flats in Sweden. All apartments in Sweden with white walls. Due to the abundance of white on the interior, you can easily get lost and it is difficult to understand where some facilities are located. All the accessories and items that are located in the house look as good as new and not previously used by anyone, so getting into this apartment, I want her to inhabit, and enjoy all things.
The windows in the apartment are located in the kitchen and master bedroom open onto a lovely patio. In the courtyard you can relax and unwind, enjoy reading your favorite book or new.
This apartment is set up for a free and peaceful life, in such an apartment can be time to stop and relax, deep in their dreams.
The apartment is only used modern furniture, so it may be relevant for young families or couples who just started her life, and on weekends you can invite your friends and have fun on the patio for your favorite game.

2-convenient shelf

3-white floor

4-white windows

5-a beautiful picture

6-large arch

7-beautiful table

8-beautiful wallpaper

9-doors on wheels


11-table by the window

12-beautiful kitchen

13-frame in the frame

14-white bedroom

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