10 fabulous wooden houses

August 15, 2013
Posted in Apartments


Houses constructed of wood – it is a modern and beautiful home, moreover, it is ecological. In our time, all natural and ecological popular, and of course, many designers began to design the same ohms of wood.

2-beautiful terrace

Beautiful wooden house on one side of which is a large summer terrace with a magnificent view of the available surrounded by forest, spectacular mountain views.

3-long House

The house is designed in a minimalist style, it is very simple and practical, the color of the house is light in color, in the winter it looks like a huge summer hut.

4-triangular house

This home has just two forms, the first form of the classic triangular, and the second, the square, the decision is unusual, but stylish, especially for fans of the attic, it’s worth noting that the house is not too many windows and doors, one large window on the house, it looks very unusual.

5-two triangular house

The house is divided into two parts, it is possible that it has two owners, a beautiful lake access with a private yacht, which could be more romantic.

6-trampoline in the yard

Country wooden hut good escape for the entire family has a trampoline and which will have fun as children and adults alike, why not.

7-a small house

Most probably, this house is a kind of rustic haven for relaxation for two, or serves as a work area, but no more, it is small and compact.

8-large windows

Beautiful villa is decorated in a different form, lots of windows, lots of wood, ideal for holidays or even stay large family. Around the beautiful landscape, the house is surrounded by woods, clean air, allows you to enjoy nature in all light.

9-a lot of grass around the house

The cabin is made in the Finnish style, as well as other Finnish home, a large number of small windows, a beautiful and spacious terrace.

10-rectangular house

This home is striking in its uniqueness, the third floor is a large summer terrace. Most unusually, this corner window and the rectangular shape of the house, perhaps, this house is very modern and interesting in our time.

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