Two-Room Apartment Arranged in Mixture of Classic and Loft Interior Styles and Made on a Small Budget

August 15, 2013
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The Hosts:
Anton, a designer
Kate, a decorator

Number of rooms: 2
Metric area: 55 m²
Ceiling height: 2.7 m
Floor number: 2

Anton, a designer, and Kate, a decorator, used to live beyond Moscow Ring Road, but on coming back from Bali last year they sold their old flat and bought a new one, closer to the city core. Despite the obvious need for complete overhaul and layout changes, the hosts were not confused. Dealing with interiors is Anton and Kate’s job, and they know very well how to change a space beyond recognition on a small budget.

For a start, Kate made a few sketches in her notebook, and Anton transformed them into 3D-images. With time they were supplemented with press clippings and pictures of ideas.

Despite their plans to travel more in the future and rent the flat out, the hosts approached the renovation properly and made everything like for themselves. In the lodging with reasonably priced, yet high-quality, finish the emphasis was placed on interior décor. The designers didn’t bound themselves with frames of one style and had a good time playing around with textures and colors, and finding the matching stuff for the interior.

Many decorative items were gotten from a show-room of “Details” designer school, which is statedly refilled with brand new things from a French exhibition “Maison & Objet”. By the way, Anton and Kate are graduates of “Details”.

The guys frequently bring new interior stuff from their numerous travels. A picture hanging in the entrance hall arrived from Bali.


Despite a popular opinion, not only light-colored walls expand the space visually. The same effect can be obtained by dint of dark hues in wall and ceiling décor complemented with point lighting. A bathroom can be faced with coarse texture plaster.


A lace-glass from Bali forms a contrast to wood, a piece of forsaken country-house fence. A pebble-shaped sink is made by Castorama.

31-lace-glass from Bali

Originally the ceiling could be easily reached by stretching a hand. Its height was somewhat enlarged by means of removing wood beams and lift slabs, and battening.


By virtue of uniting two previously adjoining rooms and a corridor, the guys managed to get airy lounge, kitchen and dining zones and preserve 5 windows along the perimeter.


Flooring — larch, walls — brick masonry. The house is a true monument of architecture: it was built back in 1903. One of the corners even had a missile marking.


Kate’s trick for visual knock-down of a sole blank wall is dummy French windows. Besides interior design, Anton is engaged in furniture manufacturing — a frame for traditional square mirrors by IKEA was produced on his factory.


Reflecting the light, the mirrors visually become windows, and this solution proved to be equal to expectations both in decorative and functional context. Pin-up lamps by the mirrors, decorated with red IKEA shades, came from a show-room of “Details”.


Chairs were produced on Anton’s furniture mini-factory. Ordinary IKEA lamps were brought to perfection by Anton’s favorite method – finishing inner surface with copper leaf.


A dining table, which the hosts noticed in a luxurious interior store, cost a sight of money. In fine they ordered its copy of pine wood for a fair price.


A top of IKEA coffee table was replaced with a silver dish. A new rest for the former table top was purchased in “Details” show room.


As a substitute for a classic fireplace arranged was a candle one.

121-candle fireplace

Padded stools, an arm-chair, a kilim and metal-framed coffee tables of aged teak came from “Details”.


The black flip side of the bedroom wall is grapholite .


For bedroom décor chosen was complex tint of blue, which looks especially snazzy in the rays of sun coming through wood Venetian blinds.


Chest of drawers — IKEA.

161-Chest of drawers — IKEA

The bedhead was erected of common doors by the inventive hosts. Bed — IKEA, pillows and bedspreads — Zara Home, “Details”.


Bedside tables arrived from Bali.

181-Bedside tables arrived from Bali

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