Totally re-Planned Apartment for Rent Featuring Ralph Lauren Wallpaper, Dalle-Paved Cooking Zone and a Zebrawood Bed

August 21, 2013
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Number of rooms: 3
Metric area: 70 m²
Ceiling height: 3 m
Floor number: 7

After a few years spent in bedroom suburbs, Catherine and her husband bought an apartment on the embankment of the Moscow River. The refurbishment lasted 9 months, and literally on the next day after the closing date the couple had a baby. The lodging was found rather tight for the young family, and the guys made up their mind to rent it out.

What was the lodging like at the moment of purchase? A uniform two-room apartment with a long corridor, a tiny kitchen and a toilet separate from bathroom. Catherine had all the walls torn down and worked out the new plan of layout.

The hosts were aimed at universality — turned a one-bedroom apartment into a full-fledged three-room flat and, for all its eclectic style concept, made the interior neutral.


A big share of furniture emigrated from the ex-lodging and set the color range for the interior décor. The owners did their best to balance and combine designer furniture, IKEA stuff, inexpensive elements, wallpaper and finishing materials, the majority of which were ordered from Andrew Martin showroom.


Striped wallpaper by Ralph Lauren was picked up to match the orange shelf in the lounge. A table, floor lamp and chairs are made by IKEA. Curtains, chair covers and pillow slips were custom-made. Chandeliers in style of Vogue Cafe are a reasonably priced copy from a basement shop.



33-table and chairs

Tile for the cooking zone is actually dalle. It teams happily with chrome. A kitchen set is made in Germany.


Sofa, chest of drawers and arm-chairs — Andrew Martin. Mirrors — IKEA.


Facing the entrance door is a bathroom. Tile — Fornasetti.


Chairs are domestic. Doors of different colors on either side were ordered from Union company, which had never dealt with such projects before. After spending a lot of time and effort on it, the company chalked the know-how up and included it into the range.


Orange drawers for a recess were also brought from the previous accommodation. The matching posters were printed by decorator Galina Shashkova and put in hand-made passe-partouts.


Arm-chair and sofa — Provasi.

91-Arm-chair and sofa — Provasi

Pea-green wallpaper in the study — Ralph Lauren.

101-Pea-green wallpaper

Closets are decorator’s author solutions.


A zebrano bed and furniture were transported from the ex-lodging.


Textile, which IKEA curtains are made from, was also used for sewing the bedspread.


Closets were ordered from Mr. Doors.

141-Mr. Doors-closet

Walls are adorned with reproduction of photos by Helmut Newton.


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