How to Match Your New Sofa to Your Living Room

August 22, 2013
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Struggling to choose a sofa for your home? Picking furniture can be a gamble – after all, spending big on a sofa that clashes with your flooring, paint, or carpet leaves you in a very expensive mix-up of a situation.

A great sofa should stand out without being too much of a design distraction.

great red corner sofa

Thankfully, it’s easy to choose a sofa or lounge suite that matches the colour scheme and décor style of your home. From matching warm or cold sofas to your flooring to creating contrast with light tiles, read on to learn seven excellent strategies to help you match your new sofa to your living room.

Work out whether you have a warm or cool colour scheme

Just like certain people look great in certain clothes, certain fabrics and colours look excellent when paired with a room that matches them. Most living rooms are either warm or cool – warm being rich, friendly, and welcoming, and cool being somewhat more harsh and contrasting.

The key to selecting good furniture is working out whether your living room is cool, in which case more solid, intense colours are appropriate, or warm, in which case a mixture of medium-intensity colours and dark shades are appropriate.

Generally speaking, rooms with white tiled flooring are cool. Rooms with linoleum are also generally cool. Rooms with very light wooden flooring or plain concrete are also cool, and benefit from furniture that matches a cool colour scheme.

On the other hand, rooms with rich wooden flooring almost always have a warm colour scheme. Rooms with beige or salmon tiling are also warm. In simple terms, rooms that look best with gold décor are warm, and rooms that look best with silver décor are generally cool.

While it’s possible to break the rules of warm and cool environments and still create a stylish living room, sticking within the warm and cool categories will prevent your furniture from clashing with your room’s colour scheme.

gray flooring. white and gray interior

Light wooden floor? Create light contrast using your furniture

Rooms with light wooden flooring are very flexible when it comes to selecting sofas and other furniture. You can choose to go dark – for example, a black leather sofa on a light wooden floor – or light, using a white sofa on top of beige or light wood.

Generally speaking, the easiest way to make a light wooden floor stand out is to use even lighter furniture. Select a white leather sofa for the ultimate fashion statement without causing any clashes, or even a light brown or tan sofa or lounge suite.

You need to be careful when choosing black furniture for rooms with very light floor colours. Solid black often creates too much of a contrast, although the harsh black on white style is popular in ultra-modern homes.

Dark wooden floor? Create dark contrast using your furniture

Dark wooden floors are best complemented by even darker furniture. The classic lounge suite look of a black leather sofa on a dark wooden floor never goes out of style, especially when the furniture uses a simple, timeless design.

Just like you would with a light-coloured floor, you’ll need to work out whether your living room uses a warm or cool colour scheme. If it’s warm, stick with medium-tone colours such as brown, navy blue, or even burgundy.

It might sound silly, but choosing a sofa to match your living room is like choosing a pair of shoes to match an outfit. Black suits any setting, brown matches blue, and white should be avoided for all but the warmest environments.

dark wooden floor

White tiled floor? Use strong colours to create contrast

When your room has white flooring, you have the entire catalogue at your creative disposal. White flooring works with almost any colour of furniture, provided it fits your overall colour scheme.

Ultra-modern home? Choose a black leather sofa or burgundy lounge suite. Modern apartment? Go with walnut leather, a black lounge suite, or even a navy blue lounge collection.

Rooms with white flooring benefit from contrast. Unless you’re searching for a living room suite that’s straight out of 2001: A Space Odyssey, it’s best to avoid using white furniture to complete your white tiled living room.

Got carpet? Get creative with your living room furniture

Choosing furniture for a carpeted room is simple – just follow the same warm and cool colour rules that you would for a wooden floor. Warm colour schemes benefit from rich, medium-tone colours, and cool colour schemes from more severe ones.

Since very few houses use white carpet in living and dining areas due to its tendency to stain, you’ll want to choose a sofa or lounge suite that complements the colour of your carpet, rather than clashing with it.

This excellent colour wheel tool can help you visualise your furniture, wall and floor colour scheme before buying a new sofa or recliner. The more variables your living room has – for example, rugs, artwork, and other furniture – the more you’ll need to think about creating a consistent, complementary colour scheme.

Stay consistent with regards to era, style, and fashion

While it can look very stylish to mix an antique sofa with an ultra-modern interior, unique living room arrangements are best left to the experts. Try to avoid mixing a variety of different styles and design eras in a single room for optimum aesthetics.

An ultra-modern sofa, for example, will look a little out of place in a warm, wooden living room that screams out for a nice burgundy or walnut leather lounge suite. On the other hand, a classic tufted sofa can often bring new life to a minimalistic lounge.

Think carefully before you mix new with old, and try to avoid choosing a new sofa for a classic living room. Classic furniture can look excellent in a modern room, but an ultra-modern, sharp-edged sofa rarely matches a classic home.

Like an unorthodox combo? Be prepared to break the rules

The ‘rules’ of design are like the rules of music – they often work best when they’re broken. If you spot a sofa that you must have but can’t match it to your living room’s colour scheme, don’t be afraid to buy it.

After all, no home is complete without a few eccentricities. From minimalistic white living rooms filled with pink lounge furniture to ultra-modern homes furnished with classic sofas, getting creative is the key to building a stylish, lovable lounge.

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