The design of a small apartment in the style of pop art

August 22, 2013
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Wonderful style of pop art became popular in the early 60′s. This mode is normally established for spacious rooms and apartments – studios. In the interior of the is not large, but very usable, beautiful bright sofas, rounded, interesting ottomans, and tables. Located on a small square kitchen, a bathroom, a comfortable dressing room and the bedroom.

2-small paintings

The living room TV is very low, and this is done in order to be able to relax on cushions with friends and take in a movie.

3-red sofa

Interior lighting is important. The whole universe is set up very well, you can switch on the lights around the perimeter of the room, or to create an intimate environment, the red light gives a soft, diffused light.

4-red staircase

Beautiful round triptych creates the illusion of an additional window in the room. The lot is opposite the couch and on the other hand is the natural light in the room with wardrobe.

5-round table

In the living room are all very functional, a coffee table can be pushed into a corner with a yellow table. A table near the window sill and the workplace is a whitewash and area.

7-compact kitchen

The kitchen is very small but compact, it contains everything you need, a work area, refrigerator, and washing machine.

8-simple shower

Bathroom small area of 2, 9 square meters, so choose the form of miniature furniture and sanitary ware. Funny basin in the form of a rectangle, it is very compact and does not take up much space.

9-round Mirror

Beautiful bright and glossy floor, comfortable hanging plumbing and beautiful table, shown on the tile sparkles that look like stars.

10-black tiles

The owners wanted to put in the bathroom is not only a bathroom and a toilet, but the trouble and found such a wonderful design fused copy.

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